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Progression of My Workouts

I've been active most my life.  This is the progression of how I've changed my workouts over the years.

In My Youth

Up through high school, I played sports like soccer (before high school), swimming and gymnastics.  None of these were offered at my school so I practiced and competed with private clubs.

The Way You Were Supposed to Workout

Later I went to the gym about 3 times a week doing weight lifting and running on a treadmill or some other aerobic workout machine for 30 minutes.  This is the "way you're supposed to workout".  I worked out like this for a long time.  I gained some muscle mass, usually weighing around 165 - 170.  I had no concept of what my diet should look like.


When the 300 movie came out, I became more aware of a Crossfit style of working out, and started doing the 300 challenge with some gym friends.  This spurred a shift in getting my cardio from machines like treadmills and exercise bikes to doing more high intensity circuit training, sprints and running stairs.

Welcome to Insanity

The first workout system I did was Insanity.  I followed the diet program pretty religiously and saw phenomenal success, losing 10 pounds and getting an 8 pack.  The most important thing Insanity did for me was change the way I ate.

TapouT XT

I know I'm going to love TapouT XT.  I do Krav Maga and have been looking for a workout program that incorporates fight moves like punching, kicking, elbow and knees.

The heavy use of resistance bands will be interesting.  It seems like it will definitely increase endurance.  We'll see how it does with strength.

Struggle With Food

You may look at the Day 1 photo of me and think that I can eat what I want.  That's not true.  It is easy for me to gain weight.  Its hard not to get that candy from the community dish at work.  Sweets are my weakness.  Sometimes I'll stare at donuts for what seems an eternity.

What I've tried to do is reasonably adjusted the way I eat.  Notice I said try.  I believe you have to let yourself live a little to keep going.  With that respect I have one day that I can eat stuff that's not normal, like movie theater popcorn (still no butter) and ribs.

Progress Pictures

These are my progress pictures for the TapouT XT program.

Day 1

Day 1 (should have smiled)
My day 1 weight is 159 pounds.  Sorry, I didn't do any of the measurements.

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