TapouT XT Review Week 12 Recap

Week 12 is OVER!  Doing TapouT XT has been challenging and fun.  You may be coming close to finishing the program.  Just make sure you don't cheat yourself by not finishing all the workouts.

Staying strict with the diet has been one of the hardest things to do.  That's why almost all these weekly recaps have a diet section.  This week you'll get some tips on a problem I have, figuring out if you're hungry or thirsty.

Push to the End of the 90 Days

Don't cheat yourself.  Do all the workouts during the last week.  I know it is easy to skip out on those last one or two workouts.

Do them.

After that last Cardio XT and Ultimate Abs, you'll have that feeling of 100% completion of the TapouT XT program .  Otherwise every time someone asks you, "Did you finish that Tapout program?"  You will answer yes but know in the back of your mind you only did 98.6%.

Push Through All the Workouts

Strict on the Diet

That initial weight you lost at the start of the program is something that will happen just by increasing the number of times you exercise and starting to watch what you eat.  If you are serious about weight loss you need to know what and how much you're eating.  It does you no good to do the workouts but unintentionally eat more because you're keeping track of what you've eaten in your head.  Using a tool like MyFitnessPal.com will really help you lose those last pounds by helping you track everything you've eaten. 

Don't Count On Fitness App Workouts to be Correct
It's nice to track what your workouts for the Fitness portion of MyFitnessPal, but don't get trapped into thinking these are accurate representations of calories burned in your workouts.  These are just averages.  Each person burns calories different and works out at a different intensity.  Therefore you could be burning more or less calories than what's in the app.

Calorie tracking tools are good for
  • Tracking what you eat
  • See how many calories you've eaten
  • Helping you figure out the balance of carbohydrates, fat and protein you eat
Use the daily calorie consumption that you know works for you.  If you have been tracking your nutrition for a while, you know what you should eat and how much of it you should consume each day.  For me it's a mix of 15% fat, 30% protein, 45% carbs and between 1900 -2000 calories a day if I'm working out regularly and want to lose weight.

Are You Thirsty, Hungry or Just Bored?

Do you eat your snack or meal and still feel hungry?  You might be thirsty and not hungry.  The hypothalamus controls both hunger and thirst, it sends the same signal whether you are hungry or thirsty.

Next time you feel those hunger pains and you know you've recently had your meal or snack drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes.  If you still feel hungry, try to work in a smaller snack.

A big problem I have is eating while I'm bored.  Nothing else to do?  Maybe I'll walk over to that candy jar and have just one piece (I promise, just one piece.  Right..)  Eating at specific times is a way to help you fight this.  For example, I know that my morning snack is at 9 AM.  It's easier to force myself to wait (more like a count down sometimes) knowing I'll eat in 15 or 20 minutes.

Are You Hungry or just Thirsty?

Make Your Workout Time a No Cell Zone

  • That text can wait
  • You don't need to post that your on your second water break of the Plyo XT workout
  • Unless your child is being born or your a doctor, they'll leave a message and you can get to them when your finish in 45 minutes
I mention this because I caught myself answering a text during a workout.  Don't be part of some statistic that says you can't go 10 minutes without checking your phone.

Your Phone Doesn't Exist in TapouT XT


You finished the program!!  You need to reward yourself for making it all the way through TapouT XT.  It is no small thing to have the perseverance to finish a 90 Day program.  There are mental and physical struggles that you go through when you have to change  the way you eat and workout.

Rewarding yourself doesn't always have to be food.
  • Buy some new clothes that fit your new body. 
  • Go someplace for the weekend
  • Get tickets for that concert / show you want to see

You Finished TapouT XT!! Celebrate!

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