TapouT XT Loop Band Review

Do you need more resistance than the loop band that comes with your TapouT XT program?  Maybe you're doing TapouT XT with someone who needs a set.

If you're looking for a durable set of loop bands that will give you room to grow as you get stronger, the Aylio 3 Loop Band set is a good choice.

The set comes with three 10" x 2" rubber loop bands.
  • Low strength blue band
  • Medium strength green band
  • Heavy strength red band
These bands are just right for the Legs & Back and Buns & Guns workouts.

Tapout XT Review Aylio 3 Loop Band Set
Aylio 3 Loop Band Set

Are They Durable?

I've used these bands in a variety of surfaces.
  • Industrial carpet
  • Low and medium pile carpet
  • Wood floors
  • Rubber gym floors
In the almost 11 weeks of use there hasn't been any problems with breaking or major stretching of the bands.  The difference between a out of the package band and one that has been used for almost 2 months is a little over 1/8 ", 3/16" to be exact if you count the original band is under the specified 10".

Small Stretching after 2 Months of Use

 Actual Use

I used the low resistance band for the first month.  From there through the end of Week 11 I've used the medium resistance loop band.  For Week 12 I plan on using the heavy resistance band to torture myself.

Doing Legs & Back with Medium Loop Band

Loop Band Tips

Mark your bands with a permanent marker to take the guess work out of the resistance level of the loop band.

Mark Your Loop Band Resistance Level

To keep your bands from sticking together
  • Make sure they are dry and don't have any water or sweat on them when you put them away.
  • Apply baby powder or corn starch to the exercise band. This will keep the band from sticking together. Reapply powder as needed.

If you are looking for a durable set of resistance loop bands that will grow with you, I would suggest the Aylio 3 Loop Band Set.  It has been a very dependable loop band set for me.


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