TapouT XT 90 Day Review

90 Days is up and it has been a fun and challenging journey doing the TapouT XT workout program.  What types of physical changes happen when you do TapouT XT?  What are the real obstacles when you do this program, and how can you get past them?  Lastly, if you're not doing TapouT XT already, why should you start?

Physical Changes

 I started at 159 pounds and weighed in at 152 pounds on Day 90 for a loss of 4.4% body weight. It may not seem like that much, but losing those 7 pounds required dedication to the workout and diet.  That will be explained more in the overcoming obstacles below.

Day1 - 159 pounds, Day 90 - 152 pounds

Shredded Shoulders, Chest and Triceps
In the beginning my shoulders, chest and triceps were OK from doing some traditional gym exercises.  My shoulders are now slightly larger and more shredded.  My chest and triceps did not increase in size but like my shoulders you start seeing the muscle fibers.  This is all thanks to TapouT XT exercises.
  • Pretty much all the Strength & Force Upper workout
  • All the explosive push ups in workouts like in Ripped Conditioning
  • Throwing punches with the weighted gloves in Cardio XT and Sprawl & Brawl

Shredded Shoulders

Increase in Tricep and Chest Definition

Core Strength
My core strength and definition is the thing that has increased the most in doing TapouT XT.  Not just the usual abdominal and oblique muscles near your hips, but also lower back muscles and the external obliques that cover your ribs (see the Day 30 post).  To say there is a lot of core integration in all the workouts is an understatement.
  • You do Ultimate Abs twice a week
  • The punching and elbows forces you to keep your core tight as you twist into the strikes
  • Kicking and knees engage your lower abs and a gamete of other muscles that support those moves
  • All the variations of the Superman exercise works you lower back and glutes
  • There are specific oblique moves, some use resistance bands and some don't

Increased Full Body Endurance
This is one of the more drastic changes from the 60 Day mark.  For the last 30 Days I've been really trying to increase the intensity of the workouts.  Because of this I've noticed my endurance has gotten better.

I tested this in Week 11 by doing interval sprints of 1 minute on and 30 seconds rest on the treadmill.  The incline was set to 3.0 with the sprint speed of a 6 minute mile and 10 minute mile for the rest time.  I was able to keep this up for 8 minutes before I had to modify the sprint speed.  I know I could only do this for 4 - 5 minutes before I started TapouT XT.

Overcoming Obstacles to get to the Finish


Making it to the Finish

Doing 90 Days of TapouT XT wasn't easy.  It all comes down to how bad you want something.  The struggles weren't the workouts.  That was the fun part.  It was the diet / nutrition and staying motivated that were the obstacles.

Staying On the Diet / Nutrition
THIS IS THE HARDEST PART!  You can workout as hard as you want, but if you over eat and fuel your body with crap it will do you no good.  Tracking what you eat and preparing your snacks and meals takes a lot of effort.

I'm just like you.  There were times when I truly craved things like half a box of donuts, eating a whole pizza, throwing down a couple beers while eating fried chicken.  So much so I would start to salivate.  I got through it by
  • Putting forth effort to make meals that taste good.  Use fresh herbs to punch up the flavor.
  • Add variety to your meals by finding new recipes to try
  • Eat fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables (eating seasonal foods forces you to change what you eat)

Staying Motivated
The internet is full of posting of people who have started a workout program and not finished.  You probably know someone that fits into this category, I know a couple.  12 weeks can be a long time.  Following the nutrition and getting your butt in front of the workout when you're supposed to can be just as hard as doing the workouts themselves. 

Staying motivated was so hard I wrote a post about how I didn't feel like working out today and how to overcome it.  Here are a couple quick ideas to help you.
  • Change up the exercises.  Don't be afraid to get creative and change up the exercise a little.
  • Realize you're talking yourself out of it.  Stop Thinking and Just Do It!
  • Workout with someone else.  Studies have shown that working out with someone drastically increases your chance of regularly doing the workouts.
  • Get yourself in a daily routine.  It sounds boring but it helps to know that you need to workout at a certain time on a specific day.

Top Reasons Why You Should Do TapouT XT


These are some of the reasons I'm going to keep doing TapouT XT after 90 days.  If you are thinking of doing the workout program, hopefully this will give you some insight.  TapouT XT how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways. 
  1. There are a variety of workouts and there is little repetition.  A lot of exercise programs will follow a circuit training pattern.  You do 5-6 exercises, take a little break and repeat.  For the most part TapouT XT workouts don't do this.  If an exercise is done again, a variation is added do it doesn't feel like you're just doing the same thing over and over.
  2. The workouts are challenging for a range of people from beginners to crazy gym rats.  There are a couple different people who do TapouT XT with me at lunch.  They're all at different physical level, but all of us leave the workout sweating buckets.
  3. All the equipment fits in a small bag.  Unlike other workout programs where it you feel like you're buying a small gym to do it, the resistance bands, loop band and (optionally) the weighted gloves all fit in a 12 inch bag.
  4. The workouts don't require a lot of space so you can easily do them on the road.  I've done these workouts at home, in a hotel room, a small corner in the gym, the office area of shared crew quarters in rural Nevada and my garage.  The average amount of space I use for doing TapouT XT is 6 feet by 8 feet.
  5. The diet plan has some good recipes.  The diet / nutrition plan that comes with TapouT XT does a good job of getting you on the road to eating right.  There are some workout systems that provide only a rudimentary diet / nutrition plan.
  6. You're punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing all the time.  This is why you are even thinking of doing TapouT XT.  I know because it's why I started doing it.  There is striking, kneeing or some combination of the two in at least 80% of the workouts.  It doesn't matter if you have a martial arts background or not, there is something fun and satisfying about doing these workouts.  I have a coworker, who had never done martial arts, that did the Muay Thai workout with me.  She still says, "Jab Cross Knee" when I see her.
  7. It's easier on the joints than other workouts.  My knees kill me sometimes.  TapouT XT is easier on my joints than other workout systems I've done.  I've only had to modify the lunges a little bit so my knee doesn't touch the ground for certain exercises.
  8. The workout tempo is upbeat.  Mike does a good job of making sure you're moving and is enthusiastic but not annoying.
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