How to Do TapouT XT to Your Own Music

Whether it's classic rock, hardcore rock, banda, hip hop, dance, pop or dub step, we all have certain music that motivates to us.  That's what you should be listening to when you're doing TapoutT XT!  You'll find out how to configure your DVD and get a couple ideas on how to setup your music.

Listening to your own music while doing TapouT XT is pretty easy to setup. The trick with any of these setups is finding the right balance of volume on your music so you can still hear the exercise transitions from Mike.

DVD Setup

Doing TapouT XT to your own music is pretty easy to setup.  All you need to do is choose MUSIC OFF on the DVD menu.

tapout xt review choose music off
Choose Music OFF

Different Ways to Listen to Your Music

Radio or Stereo Tuner
If you have a radio (satellite or FM) that you can put near the TV or tuner for your home theater system you might have a couple of options
  • Tune in your favorite radio station.  While you probably won't use a Philco PT44 Vacuum Tube radio, but you get the idea.
  • Most radios have an incorporated CD player.  Throw in your favorite CD or make a workout CD.  Here is a quick tutorial on using Beatscanner to help you.

TapouT XT Review Vacuum Tube Radio?
TapouT XT Vacuum Tube Radio?

The only down side to listening to a radio station is the extended blocks of commercials.

Laptop / Home Theater PC
A laptop or some type of home theater PC, like a Mac Mini, gives you a variety of sources for your music. 
  • A playlist of songs using a program like Windows Media Player, VLC or Itunes
  • Streaming online radio on your internet browser from sites like Live 365 or Pandora
  • Play a workout CD if your laptop has a cd / dvd player
In the case of a laptop you can either run both your video and music through it to the TV or have it play on the side.

Running both the video and music to my TV is my favorite way to do TapouT XT at home.  I use the laptop to play the DVD (using Windows Media Player) and stream music via a HDMI cable to the TV.  The Pandora volume is usually set to 30%.

Laptop Hooked to TV
Playing DVD and Streaming Pandora

A tablet is similar to the radio setup.  Tablets are usually single function when it comes to playing media.  So if you watch the TapouT XT video on your tablet, you probably won't be able to listen to music at the same time.

Streaming Music on the Side with a Tablet

MP3 / Media Player
This could be anything from your phone to a dedicated media player, like an Apple iPod or Sony Walkman.
  • A speaker dock for the device it makes it easy to play your music
  • Alternatively, put the device in an arm band and use only one of the ear buds
Ipod Speaker Dock

When doing TapouT XT in a little corner of the gym I use the second method above.  The laptop is in front of me playing the DVD and my music is on the Sony Walkman on my arm.  Using only one of the ear buds lets me hear the change up queues from Mike.

One Earbud In While Watching TapouT XT on a Laptop

No matter what method you use to listen to your music while doing TapouT XT, do it!  Doing something small like this will help keep you motivated to finish the 90 Day program.

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