TapouT XT Weighted Glove Review

Are you looking to increase your intensity and burn more calories?    How many more calories can you expect to burn?  Will weighted gloves give you huge muscles?  Are there any safety precautions you need to know about?

All these questions and more will be answered.  You'll also share some of my personal experiences in using TapouT XT with the weighted gloves and see the Sweat I've Earned!

How Many More Calories Will You Burn?

 Adding the weighted gloves to your hands adds to the total mass you need to move.  This means it is harder for you to throw that punch or even just keep your hands in a fight position.  According to the American Council on Exercise, using 1 - 3 pound hand weights will burn 5 - 15 %  more calories.  In addition to burning more calories, your heart rate will increase 5 - 10 beats per minute.

Will Wearing Weighted Gloves Give You Larger Muscles?

The easy answer is no.  The 1 pound "weights simply are not heavy enough to stimulate muscle growth, but will tire you out sooner."(1)  I can attest to that.  When you use the weighted gloves you'll feel your shoulder, arms and core engage a lot more.

Safety First

If you feel that your wrists are being strained from the weighted gloves you should stop using them.  The benefits don't outweigh a wrist injury.  Also, if you decide to buy other weighted gloves make sure they are not heavier than 3 pounds.

ProSource Weighted Glove Review

The ProSource heavy duty weighted gloves are made from neoprene with sand filled pockets on the back of the gloves. Each glove weighs 1 pound.  The black model was used during the test.

ProSource Heavy Duty 2 lb Neoprene Weighed Gloves

  • The velcro straps at the wrist do a good job of keeping the gloves from moving around.
  • Unlike some other gloves, the weight is distributed across the glove to keep the bulk down.
  • The ProSource gloves are well constructed and have held up great during the testing.

The Proof is in the Sweat!

I've been using these weighted gloves since Week 2.  Everything discussed above I've experienced.  There was a noticeable difference in how tired I was after the first workout with these weighted gloves.  You definitely feel it in your shoulders, arms and core.  Just holding a fight stance is harder.

Fight Stance with Weighted Gloves

Now I use the ProSource weighted gloves in all the workouts, including ones like Plyo XT.

Plyo XT Jump Lunge with Weighted Gloves

Plyo XT Tuck Jump with Weighted Gloves

If you are looking to increase your workout intensity and calories burned, the ProSource heavy duty weighted gloves are affordable and a great buy.  They are available on Amazon in blue and black.  The only difference between the colors is the pattern of the pockets the sand is held in.

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  1. SO would you say 1lb is good enough? I could get the MIR 6lb each glove that can ajust down to 1lb... Or is 1lb good enough?

    1. Funny you should ask this because I'm going to shop for a 2 or 3 lb glove for the last 2 weeks.

      I've been pretty happy with the 1 pound weighted gloves. Near the end of the workouts it's hard to keep my hands in a fight position all the time because I'm punching pretty hard and as fast as I can while keeping good form.

      The MiR 6lb glove set looks pretty good from the description and reviews. You can start out at 1.5 lbs for a couple of weeks to see if the weight is enough. Then move to the 3 lb setting if it's too light.

      I would say, if you're looking to step up your cardio to burn more calories the 1 lb gloves are great for the money. A 3 lb glove is good if you're really strong or later on when you're used to a 1 or 1.5 lb glove. I can guarantee a 3 lb glove will waste you if you go 100% on your strikes for a 40+ minute workout no matter who you are.

  2. I'm strong, I'm no Hulk, if you say the 1lb works good, that works for me, since you look bigger (in a good way) than me..

  3. Let me know what you think of the the 1 lb gloves.

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