TapouT XT Week 8 Recap

This week was kind of a "recovery" week so I took the opportunity to do a timed circuit to test how TapouT XT prepares you.  The test was to see how well we would do with something that wasn't exactly a TapouT XT exercise.

Sprawl & Brawl was a chance to mix things up a little this week by slightly modifying the Step Back Hook Elbow exercise.

Also, are you looking for ways to save time when you're making your meals?  You'll learn some tips I've been using that cut down on meal preparation during those busy work nights.

TapouT XT Circuit Test

After one of the Yoga XT workouts, I decided to test myself to see how TapouT XT has increased my muscle endurance and strength by doing a timed circuit in the gym.  This circuit is from some Crossfit exercises I've done in the past.  The test circuit was 3 sets of

All the circuit exercises were chosen to match movements in TapouT XT.  

After a grueling 11 minutes 33 seconds I was done and gasping for air.  What killed me were the Wall Balls and Box Jumps during the second and third sets.  These are lower body large muscle movements that eat up your oxygen.

Over all I feel TapouT XT did a great job of making it so I could push myself to finish the test in good time.  I've done something like this in the past with a little slower results so doing TapouT XT has helped me improve.

Preparing Yourself

If you wanted to try this yourself, here are a couple of areas to focus on to help you prepare for the circuit test.

Getting ready to do Wall Balls is a combination of pushing yourself in Plyo XT and Strength & Force Upper.  You'll need to have leg endurance for the squat and shoulder / arm endurance to throw the medicine ball.  The Squat Touch Ground in Plyo XT is a direct movement translation for the Wall Balls.  We get the simulation of the medicine ball throw in over head press exercises like the Arnold Press in Strength & Force Upper.

We do the Plyo XT pretty much every week which is a great preparation for the Box Jumps.  If you want to excel in this movement you should concentrate on doing as many Tuck Jumps at the end of Plyo XT as you can.

The Push Ups and Sit Ups are in a lot of the workouts so you're already focusing on those.

Modified Exercise of the Week

This is a real simple modification to an exercise in the Sprawl & Brawl workout.  After the Water Break at the 20 minute countdown mark is the Step Back Hook Elbow exercise.  Make this into a self defense move by stepping forward into the hook elbows.  You get Step Forward Hook Elbow.

The Step Forward Hook Elbow is simple.  Start in a standing position.  You then step forward quickly into your would be attacker while doing your Hook Elbow.

  1. Start in a standing position.  
  2. Step forward with your left leg while doing the Hook Elbow with your right arm.
  3. Left leg comes back to standing position
  4. Step forward with your right leg while doing the Hook Elbow with your left arm

Step Forward Hook Elbow

  • Your Hook Elbow becomes more effective in a self defense situation because your are able to drive your body forward with your back leg.  
  • Opposite leg and arm are used in Step Forward Hook Elbow because the core rotation is the same as the original Step Back Hook Elbow.
  • You can do a variation on this with the same leg and arm but you won't get the core rotation.

Step Forward Hook Elbow Variation

When you get more comfortable doing the move, start emphasizing thrusting your body forward by pushing on your back leg.  Just don't over think it.  If you raise the speed and intensity, you'll realize you're already using your back leg just fine.

How to Save Time Preparing Your Meals

Do you feel like you're too busy to make meals during the week?  Coming up with a meal doesn't have to be a hassle if you do some preparation ahead of time.  Here a couple of tips to help you put together your meals a little quicker.

Precook some basic components.  When putting together a meal is a matter of heating up some chicken you've already cooked, fresh vegetables and a starch you've got dinner in 15 or 20 minutes instead of an hour.  Some foods that are great to make ahead of time are.

  • Roasted or grilled chicken breasts.  If you do this, make sure you brine your chicken so it stays juicy.
  • Quinoa.  This super food keeps great during the week, and is a good substitute for rice.
  • Turkey sausage.  Turkey sausage, around 160 calories a link, is not just a great substitute for a hot dog, but can be used to create other dishes.  They go great with caramelized onions and peppers.  Only you just have to worry about cooking the onions and pepper.  Throw the chopped sausage in just to heat it up.
  • Roast vegetables,yams and potatoes.  Roasted yams are great sides to a dish.  Set your oven for 400 degrees,  roast 3-4 yams and root vegetables together.  The vegetables will finish first.  Take them out and finish cooking the yams.  You just made a bunch of sides for your meals.  Step it up one more notch and roast a head of garlic at the same time to add heavenly flavor to a dish later in the week. 
Make one large dish ahead of time that can be used through the week.  This is food like Low Calorie Turkey Meatloaf or Spicy Low Fat Turkey Meatballs.  You can serve the dish normally for dinner one night, but most dishes like the previous two make great sandwich material for snacks and lunches.

Are you chopping vegetables?  Chop some extra to be used later during the week.  Just store them in an air tight container.

Make it a seafood night.  It takes considerably less time to cook shrimp, fish and other seafood.  Recipes like this Heavenly Broiled Fish dish takes about 5 - 7 minutes to cook.

Broiled Fish with Soy Sauce

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