TapouT XT Week 6 Recap

Finishing week 6 means you've completed half the program.  One bad thing is we've gone through all the different workouts.  The good thing is we've gone through all the different workouts.

Now there is no awkwardness in doing the exercises.  You can start to focus on choosing the resistance bands that challenge you and doing the exercises with more intensity.  The more you push yourself the better your results will be.

3 Quick Ways to Stay Motivated to Keep Going

Staying motivated to continue doing TapouT XT or any other exercise program can be hard sometimes.  Like anything, in the beginning it is all new and different.  Now comes the really hard part.  Sticking with it.

Here are a couple of ways you can help you stay motivated and keep you going.

Revisit and Track Your Goals

At your 10 Day and 30 Day evaluations you might have come up with some measurable goals.  Coming up with those goals is nice, but you also need to actively work towards them.  Tracking your progress is the key to meeting your goals.

Keep a notepad or piece of paper and pen near your workout area.  Quickly write down notes as you think about them during the workout.  A lot of times it will just be blurbs like, "Squat Press 8lbs 20 reps."  There's no time to write a book during exercise switch out or water break.  Notes like these are meant to be reminders so you can update your progress later.

You don't have goals? 
Coming up with goals will keep you engaged and give you those wins that can keep you going.  Goals will also help you get the most from TapouT XT.  Abhijeet Mukherjee wrote a quick article on Useful Tips on Setting Goals if you need a place to get started.

Change Up Your Diet
Your food every day doesn't have to be the same thing as you can tell from the 4th of July recipe site listing below.  You are 6 weeks in.  No matter how much you change around there are only so many recipes that came with the TapouT XT program.  Don't be afraid to go to some "low calorie" recipe sites and find something new and tasty.  It's just a Google search away.

Join the TapouT XT Community
You don't have to do this alone.  There are plenty of online communities setup so you can share how your doing and learn from other people.

Diet Tips

Low Calorie 4th of July
4th of July usually means barbecue, drinking and watching fireworks.  Take charge of what you eat this 4th of July.  You going to a barbecue and not sure about the food being served?  Offer to bring some dishes that way you're helping out the host and making sure you have something you don't have to worry about eating.

Here are some recipe ideas to get you started.

Let's get real about if you're going to have a drink at the get together.  It's too easy to rack up the calories with alcoholic drinks.  Here are some guides and recipes to help you with your decisions.
Have a Happy 4th of July.  If you found this content helpful, please sign up for the email list to get TapouT XT workout content like exercises, fighting techniques, diet help and equipment reviews.  Also, join me on Google+.

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