TapouT XT Review Week 9 Recap

TapouT XT Week 9 helps you look good for that 60 Day progress photo with a good mix of full body cardio and resistance band work to get those muscles ripped.  Find out how the move you've been doing could help you in a self defense situation.  Do you love desserts?  Contrary to popular belief there are delicious healthy desserts out there.  This week's diet tip shows you where to get them.

TapouT XT 60 Day Progress

In 60 days there have been some significant muscular changes such as
  • Better back definition
  • More defined chest
  • Stronger abdominal muscles
  • More endurance with doing the workouts
So far I've gone from 159 to 154 pounds.  This may not seem like much, but as you see in the Day 1 and Day 60 comparison there is more muscle definition.

TapouT XT Day 1 and Day 60 Comparison

How the TapouT XT Bridge Exercise Becomes a Self Defense Move

You may think the TapouT XT Bridge is just an exercise for your lower back, but it also is part of some self defense moves. 

TapouT XT Bridge Exercise

If you're pinned on the ground by an attacker, one of the first things you want to do is get them off balance.  This is where an explosive version of the TapouT XT Bridge comes in.

In the videos below pay attention to how the hip thrusting movement is key to turning the tables on your attacker.  The first 5 minutes of the video below demonstrates a defense against someone choking you on the ground.

The next video will show you how the TapouT XT Bridge is part of escaping a situation where your hands are being pinned down.

Delicious Healthy Summer Desserts

There should be a support group for those of us that love desserts.  The entry test should go like this, "When you ate at that Las Vegas buffet, did you grab a couple dessert plates?"

If you answered yes, then maybe this support group isn't for you.

The correct answer is, "No, I went and got a large dinner plate and proceeded to fill that."

Don't fret my friend.  There are healthy, lower calorie desserts that will help you satisfy that craving.

26 Healthy Desserts

Here are 26 delicious recipes for flavorful healthy desserts that won't break your TapouT XT diet.  Recipes like

  • Bittersweet Chocolate-Cherry Sorbet
  • Seared Figs and White Peaches with Balsamic Reduction 
  • Margarita Ice-Cream Sandwiches 
  • Lemon Curd with Berries 

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