Dear TapouT XT, I Don't Feel Like Working Out Today

Alarm goes off.  "It's 5AM on another Saturday?  Yeah, I know I need to do my Cardio XT so it doesn't get in the way of regular Saturday junk."  Dog doesn't even bother to stomp on me when the alarm goes off.  "Maybe I can do the workout later."

"You know that's not going to happen."

"What if I switch around this morning's workout with tomorrow's rest day?"

 "You're going to pull the same crap tomorrow.  Get up.  Move your ass in front of the TV!"

Getting Past the "I Don't Feel Like Working Out" Feeling

That intro would be funny if that really wasn't me this last Saturday.  Inevitably you're going to run into days like that too.  You might be stricken with this at the half way point, when there aren't any new workouts or when you need to get up early on a weekend.  The key is to figure out what's going to make you get in front of the TapouT XT workout for that day.

Push Through the Wall, Change Up the Exercises

3 months is a long time to stay on a program, especially if you're not used to working out this much.  If you go out to a lot of community sites you'll read things like, "I did P90x but stopped half way through."

One of the reasons for this is you start repeating the same exercises.  Don't be afraid to get creative and change the exercise a little.  It's what I did in Week 7 when I changed the Rope & Sprawl to Hammer Strike & Sprawl.  Here are a couple of tips for changing the exercises.

  • Try to substitute an exercise with a similar range of movement.  For example, are there big arm movements like in the Rope portion of Rope & Sprawl?  
  • If you have a background in some martial arts or boxing try substituting some of the kicking or punching moves.
  • Change the way you move.  I do Krav Maga.  The philosophy is to move into your attacker.  When I do standing elbows, I burst forward into the elbow to simulate attacking an opponent.

Stop thinking, just do it!

This is the tough love portion for all you that need it.

Have you ever had an internal conversation with yourself about whether you should workout or not?  Stop over thinking things or make dealing with yourself.  "OK, I'll skip today and it'll just push the workouts back a day.  It's only one day."  It'll always be one day the 4 or 5 times you do it.

Don't let you talk you out of doing that TapouT XT workout.  Realize you are talking yourself out of working out.  Sounds obvious, but knowing while it's going on is harder than looking back on it from the next day.

You just get yourself in front of the TV, computer or whatever you're doing TapouT XT on.  Once you start doing it, you will forget all about your list of lame excuses.

Get Yourself a Partner In TapouT XT Crime

Do TapouT XT with someone.  This could be your significant other, a friend, coworkers or even people online.  It's a great motivator knowing someone else is counting on you to do that day's workouts.

Significant Other
Doing TapouT XT with your significant other can be a great bonding experience even if you do the workouts separately.  There's nothing like talking about your favorite exercises.  Besides that you could get these other sweet perks according to

  • More time together. If you have the space, you should try to workout together.  You'll have almost an hour of dedicated time to do something together.
  • More sex. As you tone up and get in shape you have more confidence in and out of the bedroom.
  • More commitment.  Studies have shown that couples increase their chance of sticking with a workout program by 90% if they do it together.

Friends and Coworkers
Pairing up with friends and coworkers to workout gives you that moral support and sometimes a little competition.  If you're lucky you can squeeze a workout in during lunch instead of going out to eat.  Can't make a lunch workout?  Get together after work to do your TapouT XT instead of hitting that bar.

Online Workout Partners
There are a bunch of great communities you can participate in to help you get through those rough spots.

Everyone there will be supportive because they all want what you do, support and encouragement to get that TapouT XT body.

Get In A Routine

It may sound like you're being a robot, but set your workout time and DO IT.  Being in a daily routine can be boring , but it is how you will succeed in getting the body you want with TapouT XT.  For me, I workout Monday - Thursday at lunch time, Fridays at 9AM and Saturdays 5AM.  

There's no guessing when you're supposed to workout, you just figure out what you're doing that day from the calendar and do it.

You're Not Alone, Keep Going

You're not alone if you feel like you don't want to do your workout today.  The difference is I know you'll find a way to do it.  Change things up a little, realize you're talking yourself out of the workout, reach out to other people for help and get yourself in a routine.

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3 Benefits of Working Out Together by Jessica Padykula


  1. What happens if you are sick on one of the days. Can you substitute and do the work out in your resting day.

  2. I'm also going to be on vacations for 2 weeks before completing my 90 days. Can I just restart when I get back? Or do I have to start from the beginning all over again?