TapouT XT Review Week 10 Recap

Do you need that little bit extra motivation to keep turning on that TapouT XT workout?  Find out the 6 rules for success and how they apply to doing TapouT XT.  Put a self defense spin on the Muay Thai workout in Week 10.  The Week 10 picture gives you a little hint about that. If you're not eating quinoa already, you should try to work it into your regular meals.  Get the scoop on why quinoa is a great addition to your TapouT XT diet and some recipes to start you off.

6 Rules for Success

Sometimes you need that little bit of extra to stay motivated.  The video below is an exerpt of Arnold Scwarzenegger's now legendary "Life's 6 Rules" speech, originally used during the Governor's 2009 USC Commencement Address.

Even if you don't agree with the ex governor politically or like him personally, you should give this a listen.  There are some videos that affect you so much you can't help but watch them a couple of times.

Now that you're motivated how does this apply to doing TapouT XT?
  1. Trust Yourself.  Who do you want to be?  You started or want to start doing TapouT XT because you want to change yourself in some way.  What is going to make you happy?  We all know what we don't like about ourselves, but have you figured out what is going to make you happy?
  2. Break the rules.  Think outside the box.  Have you plateaued with your weight loss?  Try some other way of eating besides what's in the TapouT XT diet plan.  Everyone is different and what works for some people might not be right for you.
  3. Don't be afraid to fail.  Keep pushing yourself.  "When I'm in better shape, that's when I'll do TapouT XT."  NOW is the time.  You can't do regular push ups?  Do them on your knees till you can.  You do TapouT XT at home.  No one is there to judge you but yourself.
  4. Don't listen to the naysayers.  "You'll never fit into those pants."  "You're just not built to move that way."  Pay no attention to them.  This is about what you want to be
  5. Work your butt off.  The TapouT XT slogan is "Earned with Sweat!" for a reason.  Always try to do better, workout harder, punch faster, do more reps than last time.  No pain no gain. 
  6. Always give something back.  Encourage other people online and around you.  Helping people gives you more satisfaction then anything else.  We're all trying to be that person we want to be.

Self Defense Muay Thai Exercise Remix

This is a self defense mix up of the Jab / Cross / Jump Switch / Knee at the 24 minutes left mark in the Muay Thai workout.  When you talk about self defense the idea is to get away alive from a bad situation.  Unlike in the ring, there are no rules on the street.  It's OK to kick or strike someone repeatedly in the groin.

The Jab / Cross / Jump Switch / Knee is changed to Groin Kick / Jab / Cross / Knee.  Doing a Groin Kick is similar to a front snap kick but a little lower.  The first 2 minutes of the video below will go into more details.  The move goes like this.

  • Left leg in front fight stance
  • Groin Kick with right leg
  • Jab / Cross
  • Right Knee

Even if your assailant keeps you from kicking him in the groin, most likely his hands are down protecting his groin and not his face.  Leaving you to attack him with the Jab / Cross / Knee combination.  If you mess up, keep going.  There's no time outs on the streets for you to get your moves right.  You'll get it on the next rep.  Just do this on one side.

Why Quinoa is a Great Addition to Your TapouT XT Diet

High in protein and fiber, quinoa [KEEN-wah] is not only versatile, it has a slightly nutty taste and has a nice crunch.  It is a gluten free complete protein grain, containing all the essential amino acids for our nutrition, and is a good source of calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium and copper.

Quinoa originated in the Andean region of Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru.  The Incas held the crop to be sacred, referred to quinoa as chisaya mama or 'mother of all grains'.  It was the Inca emperor who would traditionally sow the first seeds of the season.

Cooking Quinoa
To cook quinoa you use the ratio of one cup rinsed quinoa to two cups water or broth
bring to a boil, then simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, until the seeds become translucent and the germ of the seed uncoils to form a little "tail."   For more flavor make sure to use broth instead of water.  If you need some more details, Our Best Bites has a great tutorial.

Recipes to Get You Started
Just because you eat healthy doesn't mean it has to be bland.  

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TapouT XT Review Week 9 Recap

TapouT XT Week 9 helps you look good for that 60 Day progress photo with a good mix of full body cardio and resistance band work to get those muscles ripped.  Find out how the move you've been doing could help you in a self defense situation.  Do you love desserts?  Contrary to popular belief there are delicious healthy desserts out there.  This week's diet tip shows you where to get them.

TapouT XT 60 Day Progress

In 60 days there have been some significant muscular changes such as
  • Better back definition
  • More defined chest
  • Stronger abdominal muscles
  • More endurance with doing the workouts
So far I've gone from 159 to 154 pounds.  This may not seem like much, but as you see in the Day 1 and Day 60 comparison there is more muscle definition.

TapouT XT Day 1 and Day 60 Comparison

How the TapouT XT Bridge Exercise Becomes a Self Defense Move

You may think the TapouT XT Bridge is just an exercise for your lower back, but it also is part of some self defense moves. 

TapouT XT Bridge Exercise

If you're pinned on the ground by an attacker, one of the first things you want to do is get them off balance.  This is where an explosive version of the TapouT XT Bridge comes in.

In the videos below pay attention to how the hip thrusting movement is key to turning the tables on your attacker.  The first 5 minutes of the video below demonstrates a defense against someone choking you on the ground.

The next video will show you how the TapouT XT Bridge is part of escaping a situation where your hands are being pinned down.

Delicious Healthy Summer Desserts

There should be a support group for those of us that love desserts.  The entry test should go like this, "When you ate at that Las Vegas buffet, did you grab a couple dessert plates?"

If you answered yes, then maybe this support group isn't for you.

The correct answer is, "No, I went and got a large dinner plate and proceeded to fill that."

Don't fret my friend.  There are healthy, lower calorie desserts that will help you satisfy that craving.

26 Healthy Desserts

Here are 26 delicious recipes for flavorful healthy desserts that won't break your TapouT XT diet.  Recipes like

  • Bittersweet Chocolate-Cherry Sorbet
  • Seared Figs and White Peaches with Balsamic Reduction 
  • Margarita Ice-Cream Sandwiches 
  • Lemon Curd with Berries 

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TapouT XT Review - 60 Day Progress

What are some of the physical changes can you expect to happen when you've done TapouT XT for 60 Days?  You'll see my Day 1 and Day 60 photos show some potential muscular changes.   If you're on a schedule similar to mine, you have 30 Days left in this cycle.  Find out how to make the most of your next / last 30 Days doing TapouT XT.

Physical Changes

Better Back Definition
Your back is such an important part of being well rounded physically, but everyone seems to focus on the front of your torso.  One thing I noticed right away with TapouT XT is that it tries to balance out the emphasis on your back (lower and upper) and the rest of your body.

Back Muscle Diagram

During the past 60 Days I've noticed more definition in my lower and upper back as you'll see in my Day 1 and Day 60 comparison photo section.

Leaner, Meaner Chest
At the start I was doing a combination of lifting weights with a sprinkling of Crossfit so I had some mass in my chest to start out with.  What's happened from doing TapouT XT is my chest has gotten more chiseled from exercises like Tapout Push Ups.

Abdominal Strength Keeps Coming
My abdominal muscles are still continuing to get stronger and more defined.  The strength comes from TapouT XT and the definition is from doing a better job of tracking what I eat.  You be the judge, but I think I have more rib meat from the 30 Day mark.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Exercises like squats and lunges are deeper now, and I'm able to push myself harder.  Now there's no stopping in the Tuck Jumps.  To make the most of using resistance bands,  I need a better way to track resistance band weight.

Day 1 and Day 60 Comparison

I started Day 1 at 159 pounds and weighed in at 154 pounds at Day 60.  That's a 3.1% drop in body weight.  I really don't think it would be healthy for me to get any lower than 151 pounds given my height, age and frame build.

Day 1 and Day 60 Comparison

Day 60 Back Muscles
As I mentioned above, my back muscles are more defined now.  Yeah, I also know the farmer's tans is also strong. :)

How to Succeed with TapouT XT

How can you make these next 30 days count the most?  That's what you should be asking yourself every time you do a 30 day progress report.  Come up with a list of stuff that worked and didn't work for you.  Get rid of the junk that's not working.  Here is what I came up with for stuff that works.

Track what you eat.  Find an app to help you or even a piece of paper.  Try not to keep a running total in your head.  That's what I was doing up till Week 7 when I started to use My Fitness Pal to track what I'm eating during the week.  I'm not going to lie to you.  I switch to keeping a running total in my head on the weekends.  It's not the perfect method, but at least I'm tracking 70% of my diet.

Make it easier for you to put together meals during the week.  Making a meal should not be a major task.  Here are some quick tips to help you.  The Week 8 Recap  has more details if you're interested.
  • Precook some basic components
  • Make one large dish ahead of time that can be used through the week
  • Chop some extra vegetables
  • Make it a seafood night

"Variety is the soul of pleasure." - Aphra Behn.  If you keep eating the same thing day in and day out you'll really start hating the diet portion of TapouT XT.  Try a couple of new recipes a week.  Expand out from the TapouT XT nutrition guide.

Keep Variety in Your Nutrition

Get your ass in front of the workout.  You don't have to tell me it's hard to motivate yourself to do TapouT XT workouts 6 days a week.  I struggle with it on a regular basis.  Keep going by
  • Changing the exercises up.  Starting with Week 7 there are some modified exercises.
  • Stop thinking, just do it.  Don't talk yourself out of doing the workout.
  • Get yourself a partner in crime.  Doing TapouT XT with a friend dramatically increases your chances of doing the workout.
  • Get in a routine.  Have a set time when you do your TapouT XT workout.
It's 60 Days in, you know the exercises already so get started immediately.  Don't wait for Mike to tell you to start.  If you've forgotten the move, watch it once and start.  You'll burn more calories because you've increased the time you're working out.

Earn it with sweat.  Bring that intensity!  When you first start, the exercises are unfamiliar.  Now there's no reason not to
  • Throw those strikes like you mean it
  • Focus on form.  Go back to the strike intro dvd and practice and listen to what they're saying.
  • Move your ass faster.  Do more Tuck Jump, 4 punches instead of 3, push yourself in the Groiner.
  • Increase your band resistance.
Practicing What I Preach. Earned with Sweat!!

Share your Earned with Sweat photo on our Facebook page.

Looking Forward to the Next 30 Days

I want my abs to be so defined I scare small children!  This means losing that last amount of weight is the hardest thing to do.  It's going to happen by following my own advise above.  I'm already on track with the workouts, I just need to stay focused on the diet.

What are your next 30 days goals?  You will get the most out of TapouT XT if you
  • Track it
  • Figure out what worked and didn't
  • Set measurable goals
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TapouT XT Week 8 Recap

This week was kind of a "recovery" week so I took the opportunity to do a timed circuit to test how TapouT XT prepares you.  The test was to see how well we would do with something that wasn't exactly a TapouT XT exercise.

Sprawl & Brawl was a chance to mix things up a little this week by slightly modifying the Step Back Hook Elbow exercise.

Also, are you looking for ways to save time when you're making your meals?  You'll learn some tips I've been using that cut down on meal preparation during those busy work nights.

TapouT XT Circuit Test

After one of the Yoga XT workouts, I decided to test myself to see how TapouT XT has increased my muscle endurance and strength by doing a timed circuit in the gym.  This circuit is from some Crossfit exercises I've done in the past.  The test circuit was 3 sets of

All the circuit exercises were chosen to match movements in TapouT XT.  

After a grueling 11 minutes 33 seconds I was done and gasping for air.  What killed me were the Wall Balls and Box Jumps during the second and third sets.  These are lower body large muscle movements that eat up your oxygen.

Over all I feel TapouT XT did a great job of making it so I could push myself to finish the test in good time.  I've done something like this in the past with a little slower results so doing TapouT XT has helped me improve.

Preparing Yourself

If you wanted to try this yourself, here are a couple of areas to focus on to help you prepare for the circuit test.

Getting ready to do Wall Balls is a combination of pushing yourself in Plyo XT and Strength & Force Upper.  You'll need to have leg endurance for the squat and shoulder / arm endurance to throw the medicine ball.  The Squat Touch Ground in Plyo XT is a direct movement translation for the Wall Balls.  We get the simulation of the medicine ball throw in over head press exercises like the Arnold Press in Strength & Force Upper.

We do the Plyo XT pretty much every week which is a great preparation for the Box Jumps.  If you want to excel in this movement you should concentrate on doing as many Tuck Jumps at the end of Plyo XT as you can.

The Push Ups and Sit Ups are in a lot of the workouts so you're already focusing on those.

Modified Exercise of the Week

This is a real simple modification to an exercise in the Sprawl & Brawl workout.  After the Water Break at the 20 minute countdown mark is the Step Back Hook Elbow exercise.  Make this into a self defense move by stepping forward into the hook elbows.  You get Step Forward Hook Elbow.

The Step Forward Hook Elbow is simple.  Start in a standing position.  You then step forward quickly into your would be attacker while doing your Hook Elbow.

  1. Start in a standing position.  
  2. Step forward with your left leg while doing the Hook Elbow with your right arm.
  3. Left leg comes back to standing position
  4. Step forward with your right leg while doing the Hook Elbow with your left arm

Step Forward Hook Elbow

  • Your Hook Elbow becomes more effective in a self defense situation because your are able to drive your body forward with your back leg.  
  • Opposite leg and arm are used in Step Forward Hook Elbow because the core rotation is the same as the original Step Back Hook Elbow.
  • You can do a variation on this with the same leg and arm but you won't get the core rotation.

Step Forward Hook Elbow Variation

When you get more comfortable doing the move, start emphasizing thrusting your body forward by pushing on your back leg.  Just don't over think it.  If you raise the speed and intensity, you'll realize you're already using your back leg just fine.

How to Save Time Preparing Your Meals

Do you feel like you're too busy to make meals during the week?  Coming up with a meal doesn't have to be a hassle if you do some preparation ahead of time.  Here a couple of tips to help you put together your meals a little quicker.

Precook some basic components.  When putting together a meal is a matter of heating up some chicken you've already cooked, fresh vegetables and a starch you've got dinner in 15 or 20 minutes instead of an hour.  Some foods that are great to make ahead of time are.

  • Roasted or grilled chicken breasts.  If you do this, make sure you brine your chicken so it stays juicy.
  • Quinoa.  This super food keeps great during the week, and is a good substitute for rice.
  • Turkey sausage.  Turkey sausage, around 160 calories a link, is not just a great substitute for a hot dog, but can be used to create other dishes.  They go great with caramelized onions and peppers.  Only you just have to worry about cooking the onions and pepper.  Throw the chopped sausage in just to heat it up.
  • Roast vegetables,yams and potatoes.  Roasted yams are great sides to a dish.  Set your oven for 400 degrees,  roast 3-4 yams and root vegetables together.  The vegetables will finish first.  Take them out and finish cooking the yams.  You just made a bunch of sides for your meals.  Step it up one more notch and roast a head of garlic at the same time to add heavenly flavor to a dish later in the week. 
Make one large dish ahead of time that can be used through the week.  This is food like Low Calorie Turkey Meatloaf or Spicy Low Fat Turkey Meatballs.  You can serve the dish normally for dinner one night, but most dishes like the previous two make great sandwich material for snacks and lunches.

Are you chopping vegetables?  Chop some extra to be used later during the week.  Just store them in an air tight container.

Make it a seafood night.  It takes considerably less time to cook shrimp, fish and other seafood.  Recipes like this Heavenly Broiled Fish dish takes about 5 - 7 minutes to cook.

Broiled Fish with Soy Sauce

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Dear TapouT XT, I Don't Feel Like Working Out Today

Alarm goes off.  "It's 5AM on another Saturday?  Yeah, I know I need to do my Cardio XT so it doesn't get in the way of regular Saturday junk."  Dog doesn't even bother to stomp on me when the alarm goes off.  "Maybe I can do the workout later."

"You know that's not going to happen."

"What if I switch around this morning's workout with tomorrow's rest day?"

 "You're going to pull the same crap tomorrow.  Get up.  Move your ass in front of the TV!"

Getting Past the "I Don't Feel Like Working Out" Feeling

That intro would be funny if that really wasn't me this last Saturday.  Inevitably you're going to run into days like that too.  You might be stricken with this at the half way point, when there aren't any new workouts or when you need to get up early on a weekend.  The key is to figure out what's going to make you get in front of the TapouT XT workout for that day.

Push Through the Wall, Change Up the Exercises

3 months is a long time to stay on a program, especially if you're not used to working out this much.  If you go out to a lot of community sites you'll read things like, "I did P90x but stopped half way through."

One of the reasons for this is you start repeating the same exercises.  Don't be afraid to get creative and change the exercise a little.  It's what I did in Week 7 when I changed the Rope & Sprawl to Hammer Strike & Sprawl.  Here are a couple of tips for changing the exercises.

  • Try to substitute an exercise with a similar range of movement.  For example, are there big arm movements like in the Rope portion of Rope & Sprawl?  
  • If you have a background in some martial arts or boxing try substituting some of the kicking or punching moves.
  • Change the way you move.  I do Krav Maga.  The philosophy is to move into your attacker.  When I do standing elbows, I burst forward into the elbow to simulate attacking an opponent.

Stop thinking, just do it!

This is the tough love portion for all you that need it.

Have you ever had an internal conversation with yourself about whether you should workout or not?  Stop over thinking things or make dealing with yourself.  "OK, I'll skip today and it'll just push the workouts back a day.  It's only one day."  It'll always be one day the 4 or 5 times you do it.

Don't let you talk you out of doing that TapouT XT workout.  Realize you are talking yourself out of working out.  Sounds obvious, but knowing while it's going on is harder than looking back on it from the next day.

You just get yourself in front of the TV, computer or whatever you're doing TapouT XT on.  Once you start doing it, you will forget all about your list of lame excuses.

Get Yourself a Partner In TapouT XT Crime

Do TapouT XT with someone.  This could be your significant other, a friend, coworkers or even people online.  It's a great motivator knowing someone else is counting on you to do that day's workouts.

Significant Other
Doing TapouT XT with your significant other can be a great bonding experience even if you do the workouts separately.  There's nothing like talking about your favorite exercises.  Besides that you could get these other sweet perks according to SheKnows.com

  • More time together. If you have the space, you should try to workout together.  You'll have almost an hour of dedicated time to do something together.
  • More sex. As you tone up and get in shape you have more confidence in and out of the bedroom.
  • More commitment.  Studies have shown that couples increase their chance of sticking with a workout program by 90% if they do it together.

Friends and Coworkers
Pairing up with friends and coworkers to workout gives you that moral support and sometimes a little competition.  If you're lucky you can squeeze a workout in during lunch instead of going out to eat.  Can't make a lunch workout?  Get together after work to do your TapouT XT instead of hitting that bar.

Online Workout Partners
There are a bunch of great communities you can participate in to help you get through those rough spots.

Everyone there will be supportive because they all want what you do, support and encouragement to get that TapouT XT body.

Get In A Routine

It may sound like you're being a robot, but set your workout time and DO IT.  Being in a daily routine can be boring , but it is how you will succeed in getting the body you want with TapouT XT.  For me, I workout Monday - Thursday at lunch time, Fridays at 9AM and Saturdays 5AM.  

There's no guessing when you're supposed to workout, you just figure out what you're doing that day from the calendar and do it.

You're Not Alone, Keep Going

You're not alone if you feel like you don't want to do your workout today.  The difference is I know you'll find a way to do it.  Change things up a little, realize you're talking yourself out of the workout, reach out to other people for help and get yourself in a routine.

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3 Benefits of Working Out Together by Jessica Padykula

TapouT XT Week 7 Recap

This week was a chance to spice things up a little.  By now you've done all the workouts, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun.  Is there an exercise that you're not too crazy about doing?  For me that is the Rope moves in Cardio XT.  See how I've changed it up a little so now it's one of my favorites.

As you're probably finding out, it's not the workouts that are hard it's the diet.  How do I know this besides my own personal experiences?  Google 'diet plan' and you get 122 million search results.  Do the same for 'workout plan' and you get 50 million.  It makes sense that there are more than twice the number of references.  Your diet and nutrition plays a major role in how successful you are in achieving your goals with TapouT XT.

Tapout XT Week 7 Favorite Exercise

This week the favorite exercise comes from Cardio XT.  I've pulled from my Krav Maga background and decided to change things up a bit.  Originally it is the Rope & Sprawl, but I've modified the Rope piece to a Hammer Strike.  Now it's Hammer Strike & Sprawl.  If you're not familiar with doing a Hammer Strike the  video below will show you how to do it.

The exercise is 4 Hammer Strikes (alternating right and left strikes) then Sprawl.  Keep the normal stance you would have with the Rope & Sprawl. With the Hammer Strike move you will still contract your abs.

Once you become familiar with the move don't be afraid to pick up the pace a little.

Diet Tip

I can't stress enough that you should look at TapouT XT as a chance to change the way you eat and not some "diet."  Making a substantial change like this is not easy.  Tracking what you eat during the day is essential.  You might want to think about using a app to help you with this.  When looking for an app that would help track calories and nutrition there are a few criteria to keep in mind.

  • FREE - If there were ads that was OK, but the app had to be 100% FREE
  • Have a large database of food for tracking
  • Work on all types of mobile platforms

If you hit these main points, you can modify the app as you need to use it.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal seems to fit all the criteria above.

  • It is 100% free with no upsale
  • They have over 1 million foods to choose from in their database
  • There is a mobile app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Use My Fitness Pal to Track Your Nutrition

Setup is pretty straight forward, just enter some personal information.
  • Current Weight
  • Goal Weight
  • Height
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Country
  • Zip
  • Your normal every day activities
  • How many time you workout per week
  • How fast you want to lose the weight

You'll get a Daily Calorie Goal that will subtract down as you enter food you've eaten.  You will get calories back as you log your exercise.

My Fitness Pal Setup Page

TapouT XT Modifications

During the setup for the number of times a week you plan on exercising, you should use 6 time for 45 minutes.  The TapouT XT workouts are usually 45 - 50 minutes long so use the lower number.  This is just for estimating anyway so it doesn't need to be precise.

If you decide to track your exercise, I've been using "Judo, karate, kick boxing, tae kwan do" under Cardiovascular for the exercise.

Add and rename your meal by going under Setting in the Food tab.  I've change mine to include a Morning Snack, Afternoon Snack and "Dessert?".

Remember, use this tool how you want.  If you want to just track your food and not log your exercise, do that.  If you don't like using an app and like to write stuff down on paper, then do that.

I've started to use this tool myself if you want to join me.

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TapouT XT Weighted Glove Review

Are you looking to increase your intensity and burn more calories?    How many more calories can you expect to burn?  Will weighted gloves give you huge muscles?  Are there any safety precautions you need to know about?

All these questions and more will be answered.  You'll also share some of my personal experiences in using TapouT XT with the weighted gloves and see the Sweat I've Earned!

How Many More Calories Will You Burn?

 Adding the weighted gloves to your hands adds to the total mass you need to move.  This means it is harder for you to throw that punch or even just keep your hands in a fight position.  According to the American Council on Exercise, using 1 - 3 pound hand weights will burn 5 - 15 %  more calories.  In addition to burning more calories, your heart rate will increase 5 - 10 beats per minute.

Will Wearing Weighted Gloves Give You Larger Muscles?

The easy answer is no.  The 1 pound "weights simply are not heavy enough to stimulate muscle growth, but will tire you out sooner."(1)  I can attest to that.  When you use the weighted gloves you'll feel your shoulder, arms and core engage a lot more.

Safety First

If you feel that your wrists are being strained from the weighted gloves you should stop using them.  The benefits don't outweigh a wrist injury.  Also, if you decide to buy other weighted gloves make sure they are not heavier than 3 pounds.

ProSource Weighted Glove Review

The ProSource heavy duty weighted gloves are made from neoprene with sand filled pockets on the back of the gloves. Each glove weighs 1 pound.  The black model was used during the test.

ProSource Heavy Duty 2 lb Neoprene Weighed Gloves

  • The velcro straps at the wrist do a good job of keeping the gloves from moving around.
  • Unlike some other gloves, the weight is distributed across the glove to keep the bulk down.
  • The ProSource gloves are well constructed and have held up great during the testing.

The Proof is in the Sweat!

I've been using these weighted gloves since Week 2.  Everything discussed above I've experienced.  There was a noticeable difference in how tired I was after the first workout with these weighted gloves.  You definitely feel it in your shoulders, arms and core.  Just holding a fight stance is harder.

Fight Stance with Weighted Gloves

Now I use the ProSource weighted gloves in all the workouts, including ones like Plyo XT.

Plyo XT Jump Lunge with Weighted Gloves

Plyo XT Tuck Jump with Weighted Gloves

If you are looking to increase your workout intensity and calories burned, the ProSource heavy duty weighted gloves are affordable and a great buy.  They are available on Amazon in blue and black.  The only difference between the colors is the pattern of the pockets the sand is held in.

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TapouT XT Week 6 Recap

Finishing week 6 means you've completed half the program.  One bad thing is we've gone through all the different workouts.  The good thing is we've gone through all the different workouts.

Now there is no awkwardness in doing the exercises.  You can start to focus on choosing the resistance bands that challenge you and doing the exercises with more intensity.  The more you push yourself the better your results will be.

3 Quick Ways to Stay Motivated to Keep Going

Staying motivated to continue doing TapouT XT or any other exercise program can be hard sometimes.  Like anything, in the beginning it is all new and different.  Now comes the really hard part.  Sticking with it.

Here are a couple of ways you can help you stay motivated and keep you going.

Revisit and Track Your Goals

At your 10 Day and 30 Day evaluations you might have come up with some measurable goals.  Coming up with those goals is nice, but you also need to actively work towards them.  Tracking your progress is the key to meeting your goals.

Keep a notepad or piece of paper and pen near your workout area.  Quickly write down notes as you think about them during the workout.  A lot of times it will just be blurbs like, "Squat Press 8lbs 20 reps."  There's no time to write a book during exercise switch out or water break.  Notes like these are meant to be reminders so you can update your progress later.

You don't have goals? 
Coming up with goals will keep you engaged and give you those wins that can keep you going.  Goals will also help you get the most from TapouT XT.  Abhijeet Mukherjee wrote a quick article on Useful Tips on Setting Goals if you need a place to get started.

Change Up Your Diet
Your food every day doesn't have to be the same thing as you can tell from the 4th of July recipe site listing below.  You are 6 weeks in.  No matter how much you change around there are only so many recipes that came with the TapouT XT program.  Don't be afraid to go to some "low calorie" recipe sites and find something new and tasty.  It's just a Google search away.

Join the TapouT XT Community
You don't have to do this alone.  There are plenty of online communities setup so you can share how your doing and learn from other people.

Diet Tips

Low Calorie 4th of July
4th of July usually means barbecue, drinking and watching fireworks.  Take charge of what you eat this 4th of July.  You going to a barbecue and not sure about the food being served?  Offer to bring some dishes that way you're helping out the host and making sure you have something you don't have to worry about eating.

Here are some recipe ideas to get you started.

Let's get real about if you're going to have a drink at the get together.  It's too easy to rack up the calories with alcoholic drinks.  Here are some guides and recipes to help you with your decisions.
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