TapouT XT Week 5 Recap

Week 5 is cause for celebration!  If you're on a similar schedule to me, then you've finished a month of TapouT XT workouts and hopefully the diet too.  After you take your 30 Day Progress photo, go out and get a cupcake or something you really enjoy.  You deserve it.

After you're done savoring that cupcake, go do the new day 30 Ripped Conditioning workout.

Week 5 is also a time to reflect on the workouts you've done during the first third of TapouT XT.  It is also a chance to set some goals for the next progress point of 60 days.

New TapouT XT Workout - Ripped Conditioning

Ripped Conditioning is your chance to focus on building lean upper body muscle, especially arms, shoulders, upper back and core.  To get the most from this workout you'll need to focus on your form as well as resistance band selection and tension.  Take a look at the Ripped Conditioning Review for more tips on band selection and tension with this workout.

Band Resistance and Tension
Make the Difference!

30 Day Progress

The 30 Day Progress report was in this week.  I've been seeing some great improvements in the following areas.
  • Increased core strength
  • Better shoulder muscle endurance
During the first 30 days I've seen a 2.5% loss in body weight going from 159 to 155.

Day 1 (159 lbs) and Day 30 (155 lbs) Comparison

Set 60 Day Progress Goals

The next benchmark is  the 60 day evaluation.  What are some measurable goals that you could set?  These are a few ideas.
  •  Go up one resistance band weight.  Even if your goal is to not build huge muscles don't worry.  TapouT XT is structured to build lean muscle mass not make you look like a professional body builder.
  • Between Day 1 and Day 60, go down a jean size.  This is a tricky goal because, pant sizes fit differently between manufacturers, you are also fat with muscle and sometimes the way your hips are structured will only allow you to go down so far.
  • Make it through the Grinder Killer Move in the Cross Core Combat without stopping.
  • Do all the push up exercises without having to do any on your knees or stop.
I don't like setting weight goals.  I was hesitant to list going down a jean size above.  It is about how you feel not how much weight you've lost.  You need to look at doing TapouT XT as the start of changing the way you eat and exercise.

Diet Tip

Are you looking for a little more flavor from cereals like Kashi Go Lean?  Using spices like cinnamon adds flavor without adding calories.  Just make sure you put the cinnamon on the cereal before pouring your milk.

Add Flavor to Your Cereal with Cinnamon

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