TapouT XT Week 3 Review

This week brings you back to the first week of TapouT XT workouts.  Cross Core Combat and Sprawl & Brawl were fun (Did I mention I have a twisted view of fun?), and stood out more than the others.  I was reminded of Day 1 with the Grinder.

I'm sure you're like me and food is always on your mind.  This week I shared with you how to make your chicken breasts not turn out like hockey pucks.

TapouT XT Week 3 Schedule

I don't know about you, but it is a toss up between Cross Core Combat and Sprawl & Brawl for my favorites this week.  Coincidentally, they are the first and last workouts of the week.

Cross Core Combat

You just start out right with a simple combination of Snap Kick and Push Kick.  From there it's a killer series of kicks and a variety of core exercises that will leaving you feeling great.  In fact, the favorite move of the week comes from this workout.

Cross Core Combat Snap Kick Push Kick
Sprawl & Brawl

If you don't think Sprawl & Brawl is enough of a workout on its own, then you need to add some 2 pound weighted gloves like I did this week.  You do this and you too will be saying OMG as you sweat bullets.

Besides giving you a great all body workout, Sprawl & Brawl ample practice sprawling to a voice command as well as a variety of strikes.  Sprawl opportunity are often disguised as exercises like Plank Pops.

Plank Pops / Elbow Combo

Favorite Exercise of the Week

This little bit of pain comes from the Cross Core Combat workout.  The Grinder is where you do a 10 down to 1 set of push ups and leg tucks.  Done on its own the Grinder is a doable exercise, but when you put it at the end of a workout like Cross Core Combat you're toast.

Even Number is Wide Push Ups
Odd Number is Close Push Ups

Tuck Jumps

TapouT XT Diet

If you're eating a lot of chicken breast you should really give brining a try.  Earlier I shared some of the benefits of brining.  This technique is great for grilling and roasting chicken breasts.  You have juicy chicken with minimal amount of time and effort.

Grill Your Chicken for Extra Flavor

For a little calorie free flavor, smoke your chicken with your favorite wood chips on the grill.  Here are some tips for getting great results on the barbecue.

  • Brine your chicken ahead of time.
  • Soak your wood chips for about an hour in some water.  Get this going while your brining your chicken.
  • Setup the barbecue grill so there is heat on half the grill.  See below for setup links.
  • If you're using a gas grill without a smoker box, put your wood chips in aluminum foil with holes for smoke to escape.
  • Some woods that go good with chicken are - apple, herb, hickory, mesquite, oak and pecan.

Indirect Grill Setups

Next Week

Next week looks like fun with two new workouts, Buns & Guns and Muay Thai!  I need to get back to writing everything down for each day for the diet.  I've done this before when I did Insanity and got great results.  

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