TapouT XT Week 2 Recap

Second week of doing TapouT XT was still about getting used to doing the exercises.  I'm not the most coordinated person in the world so new exercises take me about 3 times to start doing them properly.  This week the Plyo XT workout crept up on me and Competition Core was new.  Day 10 results were posted, and I struggled with Memorial Day weekend.

Opportunity for Self Defense

I've been practicing Krav Maga for about a year and a half, and while doing TapouT XT I try to incorporate the striking techniques I know.  TapouT XT is a good opportunity to practice basic self defense striking techniques.

Starting this week I've tried to find some videos that I think show good practical fighting techniques.  You may have studied doing thinks like punches and kicks a little different, but I invite you to watch the videos to see a different perspective on the techniques.

Hopefully you will think a little differently when you throw your punches, kicks and elbows during the workouts.

Workout recap

Plyo XT

Plyo XT really works your legs.  It's kind of deceptive.  You're going through the workout,  it is kind of hard in certain parts.  You finish and think, "That wasn't too bad, I'm tired but OK."  Then as a little time goes by your legs start to get sore, and that oh so sweet muscle soreness stays with you for the next day.

Competition Core

The rotation of Competition Core in to the weekly workout provides welcomed variety in the workout mix.  Despite a bit of awkward sliding of the resistance bands during the Sledgehammer, your core is worked hard.

Day 10

Day 1 and Day 10 Comparison
There was a little change, 2 pound drop, in day 1 and day 10.  The real changes I'm seeing are in my core and shoulder strength and endurance.  I'm still a little ways away from completing the Plyo XT without stopping.

Remember, each person is different in how they lose weight and what physical conditioning they have.  If you have realistic goals and perseverance you will succeed.


Flagged Crosses for Memorial Day
First off, I'd like to thank all the honorable men and women and their families who have died in the service of this country.

Memorial Day weekend was hard.  Holiday weekends are always hard to stay on any type of diet.  Besides the traditional BBQ that goes on. there is almost always drinks as well.  Sufficed to say, if you were one of the many to over indulge yourself, you weren't alone.

All you can do is start fresh the day after.  Get back on the eating program and go forward.  It would have been nice not to have eaten that much, but it is only a temporary setback.  We have 90 days.  All we can do is try better next time and continue with the program.

What if You Feel You're Not Losing Enough Weight?

You workout really hard and try to do the diet, but you don't seem to be losing any weight.  This is not an uncommon situation.  There is an article on Livestrong that has some good information on this topic like:

  • Revise your diet and exercise
  • Look at your medical history
  • You're not taking your age into consideration
  • You're stressed

Equipment Purchase

After seeing Mark's comment I thought I'd include the loop band and resistance band equipment I just purchased.  I've use them for only a couple of workouts so far, but they seem pretty good.  I want to use them for a full 2 weeks before providing a detailed review.

Join the mailing list at the top of the page to get information on TapouT XT workouts, diet tips and equipment reviews.  Remember to be safe in your workouts.  You can't finish the program and meet your goals if you're injured.


  1. My friend is letting me borrow his DVD's but can't find his bands. So I'm looking online and have no idea what type of resistance band they use or I should use. Can you throw any advice for me?

    I'm 6'4 so I need one that'll stretch.

  2. I just got the resistance bands and loop bands I purchased through Amazon. I updated the posting to include some information so far on how I like them.

    After using them a little longer, I'll post a more detailed review.

  3. I would go with bodylasic, they have a life time warranty, I have owned mine for 3 years and to this day I have not used the warranty, however it's nice to have. I should also mention the build quality is off the HOOK! lol that's right, I went old school!

  4. LOL! At least I remember that!

    Thanks for the info on the bodylastics. They seem really well made. I'm glad to hear they've lasted that long.