TapouT XT Review Day 23: Buns & Guns

Great thing about TapouT XT Buns & Guns workout is it forces you to have a balanced workout. You will definitely work all your hip, glute and arm muscles in this 30 minute workout.  All those small muscles you never work in your lower body will be in glorious pain.  Afterwards is the Ultimate Abs workout.

Anterior Hip Muscles

Favorite Buns & Guns Exercise

Sumo Squat Curl wins out so far for the Favorite Exercise.  Put the resistance bands on your feet, grab the opposite band, get down in to a squat position, do a single arm curl.  The movement of the Sumo Squat Curl  focuses on the outside portion of the bicep.

Showing the 2 Muscles that make up the Bicep

Sumo Squat Curl

You might have to adjust the tension on your resistance band by either

  • Going into a wider squat
  • Wrapping the band around your feet
  • Switching to a heavier band

Workout Notes

Wrapping the resistance band around one of your feet and keeping an even resistance is difficult at first.  I missed 10 seconds of the Glute Bridge Curl because of the time spent looping the band around one foot for the first time.

Glute Bridge Curl

"You want guns like these?"
"Um.. yes, I do."

"You want buns like those?"
"Well, I never really thought about it, but yeah that would be cool."

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