TapouT XT Review - 30 Day Progress

How much change can you make in 30 days?  I'll cover physical changes I'm seeing, do a quick comparison (and you'll see my rib meat) between Day 1 and Day 30 and you'll find out why TapouT XT works. 

 Physical Changes During the Last 30 Days

Leaner Muscles
I'm seeing that my muscles are starting to lean out.  Before I started TapouT XT my workout was a mix of Crossfit style circuits with a peppering of Insanity.  This is to be expected because it is a switch from doing a set number of reps with a heavier weight to max number of reps in a fixed amount of time.

Increased Core Strength
I've got more "rib meat" or external oblique muscles if you want to get technical.  Overall core strength is one of the areas I'm seeing the most improvement in.  This is because there are so many moves, cross punches, knees, all the plank positions, that incorporate the abdominal muscles.

TapouT XT Core Muscles
Core Muscles
Increased Shoulder Endurance
I say shoulder endurance because from the start I could move the "weight" of the resistance bands normally.  Now I can make it through the time of the exercise.  Livestrong has a good article on the difference between strength and endurance if you want a further explanation.

Day 1 and Day 30 Comparison

During the first 30 Days I have gone from 159 to 155 pounds.  That is 4 pounds and a 2.5% body weight loss during that time.
Day 1 - 159 pounds

The workout exercises are more natural now.  That's good because I'm not the most coordinated person in the world.  During the first week or two (more like two) I was cursing at the TV ,getting caught up by a move or a combination of the two.

Day 30 - 155 pounds

Showing "Rib Meat" on Day 30

Why is TapouT XT Working?

With any workout program it comes down to two things, diet and regular exercise.  I'm sure there are a myriad of other fancy factors that people come up with, but those two are the foundation.

This is the hardest piece to do.  It's hard to say no to the processed foods you know and love.  Hell, I still can't really kick diet sodas yet.  Just know that we all have hard days, like holidays and people's birthdays.  Don't get discouraged.  The best thing you can do is plan what you're going to eat in a day, and track it.  If you get off track, just make some reasonable adjustments.

Regular Exercise
TapouT XT will change how you workout by showing you that you don't need to be in a gym or have that $1000 treadmill or a room dedicated to working out.  In fact, during my Week 4 workouts I was in some really rural country and worked out in some office space.

By making you workout 6 days a week you also see that you CAN find time to workout.  Baring some injury, there are no real excuses not to find 1 hour during the day.  If it matters to you, you will make the time.

What's Next?

Did you get through or coming close your first 30 days of TapouT XT?  Keep in mind a couple of things.

  • You are used to a lot of the moves now.  Try to increase the number of reps you do.
  • Don't be afraid to go up in weight with the resistance bands
  • If you're looking for that next level add some weighted gloves

Lastly, if you're doing TapouT XT too keep in mind each person is different and starts this program at a different level.  The results you see with me might be different from the one's your seeing.  There are a lot of factors that come in to play when like diet, how much percentage of body fat you start out with, how well you stuck to the workout plan, workout intensity and genetics. 

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