TapouT XT Day 13 Cardio XT & Ultimate Abs

You'll be in a pool of sweat by the time your done with the Cardio XT workout.  Just like the other workouts so far, you're constantly moving, and the Killer Move will push you.

Warm Up

You'll like the warm up if you are looking for more fast paced moves that include some punches.  The Cardio XT warm up has the following moves.

  • Basics of moving in fighting stance.
  • Combines high knees, butt kicks, jump rope and jumping jacks
  • Some jab and cross while moving in fighting stance.
 This warm up makes me wish some of the other ones are more like this one.

Favorite Cardio XT Exercise

There are a bunch of great moves in Cardio XT, but the Burpee with Knee Strikes is a great cardio move that can really wear you down.  The exercise is a combination of a regular Burpee with 4 total knee strikes.

  • Just like a regular Burpee you start standing
  • Go down to the ground in a plank position
  • Do 2 knee strikes on the ground
  • Jump to standing
  • Do 2 more standing knee strikes
  • Repeat as fast as you can

From a Plank Position Do 2 Knee Strikes

Jump Up and do 2 Standing Knee Strikes

Exercise You Can't Help Laughing While Doing

There is one exercise you can't help but laugh when you do it. The 3D Single Arm Ropes has you move your arms up and down in front of you while jumping in a circle.

Start with Your Arms In Front

Move Your Arms Up and Down, Hopping to the Left

Keep Moving Your Arms and Hop to the Other Side

I did this with a friend, and we were laughing the whole time.  He shouted, "Milking the Cow!" at one point.  The exercise is a welcome distraction to keep you going.  Have fun with it because the extended knee strikes are next.

Ultimate Abs

This is the same workout that you did with the Day 2 Strength and Force Upper.

I ordered a pair of weighted gloves along with some new resistance bands from Amazon.  I'll be reviewing those after a couple of workouts.  Join the email list at the top of the page to get posts sent automatically to you.  Remember to keep things safe, don't be afraid to adjust the workouts to your fitness level.  Hurting yourself only keeps you away from completing the goals you've set.


  1. In your opinion is Tapout XT easier on the joints than Insanity. I have done Insanity and Asylum, my concern is the beating your body takes.

  2. I totally understand your concern about your body taking a beating. Shaun T is brutal.

    So far it has been easier on my joints. My knees are actually feeling better. I think it's because

    - there isn't as much jumping / plyo (don't get me wrong, the plyo day works my legs)
    - more balance of upper body and lower exercises (because of the added band work and a lot more punching, knees, elbows)

    If you do TapouT XT, don't be discouraged by the warm up. I too was used to the Insanity and Asylum warm ups where your heart is racing within the first 10 minutes of the workout.

    I just finished my first workout with weighted gloves and heavier bands, and it makes a difference in the intensity. Also, I'm becoming more familiar with the exercises so I can increase the pace.

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