How to Throw a Jab

Jack Dempsey Throwing a Jab
The jab is a foundation move of most fighting style, and can be found in a number of the TapouT XT workouts. You're already doing the workouts, you might as well practice some good technique, whether it is for self defense or honing your martial arts skills.

When you watch the video, here are a couple things to keep in mind
  • Look at Master Scott's fight stance. He has his chin tucked and elbows in.
  • He emphasizes punching straight out and straight back.
  • Don't lock your arm in the punch, you might hyper-extend your elbow

Next time you do your TapouT XT workout, keep in mind some of the things you saw in the video.  There are some variations to the jab in TapouT XT, but try to practice some good fundamentals.

  • Keep your hands up
  • Tuck your chin
  • Arm goes straight in and out
  • Be safe and don't lock your elbow at the end of your punch
Hopefully you got a couple of good tips.   If you liked this article, please subscribe to the email list and get content sent to you as it comes out.  As always, keep things safe. You want to be able to finish the TapouT XT program and see the results. It's harder to do that if you're recovering from an injury.

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