TapouT XT Resistance Band Set Review and Comparison"

In TapouT XT, the resistance band is used for at least 50 percent of the exercises.  It is important to be informed when you want to buy more resistance bands than the one that came with the program.  There are a couple of things you need to think about when you're looking to buy resistance bands for TapouT XT.  It helps to know what the different styles of resistance bands are out there.  Later in the article I review the 2 styles I've used for TapouT XT.  Lastly, you'll need to know how to take care of your resistance bands once you've purchased them.

Tips for Buying Resistance Bands for TapouT XT

Resistance Band Handle
The resistance band handle should have cloth or nylon strap material that links the band and the handle portion.  It should not be a solid piece of plastic.

Tapout XT Nylon Strap and Hard Plastic Resistance Band Handle Comparison
Nylon Strap and Hard Plastic Handle Comparison

In testing different resistance bands, the ones with a hard plastic bit into my forearm and wrist for some exercises.  I actually had some bruising the next day from using the hard plastic handle.

Variety of Resistance
You are naturally stronger in some exercises than others.  A variety of bands weights will give you a better workout by allowing you to gradually work your way up in weaker exercises and really activate your muscles on stronger ones.

For example, when you do a leg intense exercise, like the Power Lift in the Legs & Back workout, you use a heavier resistance band weight because your legs are larger stronger muscles.

Get the Most from Leg Exercises by using
Heavier Resistance Bands

In comparison, when you do the Reverse Fly in the Ripped Conditioning workout you're focusing on the smaller rear shoulder and upper back muscle.  For this exercise you would use a lighter resistance band than the one for your legs.

Use a Lighter Resistance Band
For Smaller Muscle Groups

Different Styles of Resistance Bands

There are three primary types of resistance bands you might consider purchasing for TapouT XT.

  • Standard fixed weight single band
  • "Stackable" variable weight band
  • Braided fixed weight band

Standard Fixed Weight Single Resistance Band
This is the type of resistance band you get when you buy the TapouT XT program.  When you purchase a set, like the Black Mountain one shown later, the bands are color coded to signify the different weight.

Fixed Weight Single Band

"Stackable" Variable Weight Resistance Band
The variable part of this type of resistance band comes from your ability to clip on additional bands.  Sets will start with 5 or 6 bands that clip on to the handle, the Bodylastics reviewed below has 6 bands.  This will let you combine bands to make a heavier resistance band to use.

"Stackable" Variable Weight Resistance Band

Braided Fixed Weight Resistance Band
This is fairly new from companies like Reebok and SPRI.  The claims for this product is that the braided band will enhance the tubing lifespan and integrity.  The cost on these is a little more, $15 - $30 each depending on resistance and manufacturer.  I've worked out with these in the gym before and it is just like using a single band resistance band.

Braided Fixed Weight Resistance Band

What Should You Buy?

There are a couple of factors that you need to take into consideration when purchasing your resistance bands.

  • What is your current level of physical strength and endurance?
  • What are your long term goals with TapouT XT

What is your current level of physical strength and endurance?
The idea is to figure out your current fitness level, and what set of resistance bands will start you in the lower to mid band weight.  This makes sure you don't out grow your resistance band set too fast.  The diagram below is based on not so much how strong you are but how you compare to the style of workout that TapouT XT is.

Tapout XT Choose Resistance Band Based on Fitness Level
Band Set Based On Fitness Level

What are Your Long Term Goals with TapouT XT?
How long do you plan on doing TapouT XT?  You spent the money on TapouT XT, you might as well get repeat benefits by doing the program multiple times.  With that in mind, your resistance band purchase should keep that in mind.  The diagram below is based on starting at the lowest weight and going up a band per month.

How Many Time You Plan on Doing TapouT XT

Equipment Recommendations

These recommendations are based on my own personal experiences with the equipment and other research.  I will only recommend equipment I've used myself.

Black Mountain Products New Strong Man Set of 6 Resistance Bands
These are fixed weight single band resistance band set.  If you're just starting out don't let the "Strong Man" description dissuade you.  The Black Mountain 6 Band Set comes with the following weights, 2-4 pounds, 4-6 pounds, 10-12 pounds, 15-20 pounds, 25-30 pounds, 35-40 pounds.

The Black Mountain resistance bands seem to be over all made well and comfortable to use.

  • They have sturdy connections to the handle.
  • I haven't had a problem with the band breaking, and I've been kind of abusing them when I make the band real tight in the Bent Over Row exercises.
  • The foam handle measures 1 1/8 inches diameter and is comfortable to use.
  • The bag the set comes with is big enough to hold all the bands, a set of loop bands and 2 pound training gloves.  This came in handy when I tested TapouT XT on the road.
This is a solid resistance band set that is perfect for the person just starting out and will provide you a challenge even if you do the TapouT XT program more than once.  It is also affordable at just a little over $5 per band.

Obviously by the name this is a stackable resistance band set that allows you to clip additional bands on to either the grips or heavy duty ankle straps.  This set is a little more expensive, at the time of writing $13 more, than the Black Mountain one.  There are a couple of things you will need to get used to doing that are a little different than using a single fixed weight resistance band.

The Bodylastics resistance band set is really well made, pretty easy to use and comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • It comes with resistance bands in the following weight, 3 pounds, 5 pounds, 8 pounds, 13 pounds, 19 pounds and 23 pounds.  The weights are listed as resistance for each arm.  To compare them to the Black Mountain set, multiply the Bodylastics weight by 2.
  • Having the weight on the clips really takes the guess work out of setting them up.

Resistance Band Weight Engraved on Clips

Some other benefits are
  • 99% snap resistant bands with Failsafe anti-snap technology
  • 33 levels of resistance from 3 to 142 pounds of tension
  • The handle is a heavy duty plastic with a foam grip area.  The grip area measures 1 3/8 inches in diameter
  • The bag is large enough to hold all the resistance band equipment, loop bands and 2 pound training gloves .  The velcro top on the bag isn't as nice as the drawstring one on the Black Mountain set.
The two main differences of using the Bodylastics resistance band set from the Black Mountain one is 
  • Having to switch out bands every once in a while
  • How the bands meet together for exercise like Upright Rows
I got around having to switch out bands on the one set of handles by using the ankle straps too.  Setup your heavy weight on the handles with the grip and a lighter weight on the ankle straps.  This really minimized the need to switch out bands.

Heavy Setup on Handles
Light Setup on Ankle Straps

It was actually more comfortable using the ankle strap on exercises like the Down / Pop / Press in the Ripped Conditioning workout.

Down / Pop / Press Using Ankle Straps

The other real difference from using standard resistance bands is getting used to how the cables connect to the handles.  For the most part you don't notice, but when the bands cross each other like in the Upright Row in Ripped Conditioning the band connections rub over each other.  It's more of just a difference with a standard band than anything.  They weren't catching when I was using them.  Although I found myself making it so they didn't touch.

Resistance Band Connectors Rub
but Don't Catch

So far the Bodylastics 13pcs Stackable Resistance Bands Set has been really good to use.  I kind of workout like a freak sometimes and it is nice to have the option of adding more weight.  

One last thing for the Bodylastics Stackable Set, I'm probably going to buy one more handle so there are three options.  The extra $10 is worth it for me.  Then all I have to worry about is adding and removing weight to the heaviest handle set.

Resistance Band Care

If you've purchased either the Black Mountain or Bodylastic sets, you now own a nice set of resistance bands and probably want to take care of them.

Here are some care and guidelines I've found.

  • Keep your resistance band out of the sunlight when you store them.  Your Mom was right about putting your toys away.  Just use the bag it came with and you'll be fine.
  • If you use your resistance bands in the pool, make sure to wash them off.  Not sure why you're doing TapouT XT underwater but you're more hard core than I am for sure.
  • Cuts and abrasions are not a resistance band's friend.  Try to not do TapouT XT on any surface that could cut the tubes.
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TapouT XT Week 5 Recap

Week 5 is cause for celebration!  If you're on a similar schedule to me, then you've finished a month of TapouT XT workouts and hopefully the diet too.  After you take your 30 Day Progress photo, go out and get a cupcake or something you really enjoy.  You deserve it.

After you're done savoring that cupcake, go do the new day 30 Ripped Conditioning workout.

Week 5 is also a time to reflect on the workouts you've done during the first third of TapouT XT.  It is also a chance to set some goals for the next progress point of 60 days.

New TapouT XT Workout - Ripped Conditioning

Ripped Conditioning is your chance to focus on building lean upper body muscle, especially arms, shoulders, upper back and core.  To get the most from this workout you'll need to focus on your form as well as resistance band selection and tension.  Take a look at the Ripped Conditioning Review for more tips on band selection and tension with this workout.

Band Resistance and Tension
Make the Difference!

30 Day Progress

The 30 Day Progress report was in this week.  I've been seeing some great improvements in the following areas.
  • Increased core strength
  • Better shoulder muscle endurance
During the first 30 days I've seen a 2.5% loss in body weight going from 159 to 155.

Day 1 (159 lbs) and Day 30 (155 lbs) Comparison

Set 60 Day Progress Goals

The next benchmark is  the 60 day evaluation.  What are some measurable goals that you could set?  These are a few ideas.
  •  Go up one resistance band weight.  Even if your goal is to not build huge muscles don't worry.  TapouT XT is structured to build lean muscle mass not make you look like a professional body builder.
  • Between Day 1 and Day 60, go down a jean size.  This is a tricky goal because, pant sizes fit differently between manufacturers, you are also fat with muscle and sometimes the way your hips are structured will only allow you to go down so far.
  • Make it through the Grinder Killer Move in the Cross Core Combat without stopping.
  • Do all the push up exercises without having to do any on your knees or stop.
I don't like setting weight goals.  I was hesitant to list going down a jean size above.  It is about how you feel not how much weight you've lost.  You need to look at doing TapouT XT as the start of changing the way you eat and exercise.

Diet Tip

Are you looking for a little more flavor from cereals like Kashi Go Lean?  Using spices like cinnamon adds flavor without adding calories.  Just make sure you put the cinnamon on the cereal before pouring your milk.

Add Flavor to Your Cereal with Cinnamon

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TapouT XT Review - 30 Day Progress

How much change can you make in 30 days?  I'll cover physical changes I'm seeing, do a quick comparison (and you'll see my rib meat) between Day 1 and Day 30 and you'll find out why TapouT XT works. 

 Physical Changes During the Last 30 Days

Leaner Muscles
I'm seeing that my muscles are starting to lean out.  Before I started TapouT XT my workout was a mix of Crossfit style circuits with a peppering of Insanity.  This is to be expected because it is a switch from doing a set number of reps with a heavier weight to max number of reps in a fixed amount of time.

Increased Core Strength
I've got more "rib meat" or external oblique muscles if you want to get technical.  Overall core strength is one of the areas I'm seeing the most improvement in.  This is because there are so many moves, cross punches, knees, all the plank positions, that incorporate the abdominal muscles.

TapouT XT Core Muscles
Core Muscles
Increased Shoulder Endurance
I say shoulder endurance because from the start I could move the "weight" of the resistance bands normally.  Now I can make it through the time of the exercise.  Livestrong has a good article on the difference between strength and endurance if you want a further explanation.

Day 1 and Day 30 Comparison

During the first 30 Days I have gone from 159 to 155 pounds.  That is 4 pounds and a 2.5% body weight loss during that time.
Day 1 - 159 pounds

The workout exercises are more natural now.  That's good because I'm not the most coordinated person in the world.  During the first week or two (more like two) I was cursing at the TV ,getting caught up by a move or a combination of the two.

Day 30 - 155 pounds

Showing "Rib Meat" on Day 30

Why is TapouT XT Working?

With any workout program it comes down to two things, diet and regular exercise.  I'm sure there are a myriad of other fancy factors that people come up with, but those two are the foundation.

This is the hardest piece to do.  It's hard to say no to the processed foods you know and love.  Hell, I still can't really kick diet sodas yet.  Just know that we all have hard days, like holidays and people's birthdays.  Don't get discouraged.  The best thing you can do is plan what you're going to eat in a day, and track it.  If you get off track, just make some reasonable adjustments.

Regular Exercise
TapouT XT will change how you workout by showing you that you don't need to be in a gym or have that $1000 treadmill or a room dedicated to working out.  In fact, during my Week 4 workouts I was in some really rural country and worked out in some office space.

By making you workout 6 days a week you also see that you CAN find time to workout.  Baring some injury, there are no real excuses not to find 1 hour during the day.  If it matters to you, you will make the time.

What's Next?

Did you get through or coming close your first 30 days of TapouT XT?  Keep in mind a couple of things.

  • You are used to a lot of the moves now.  Try to increase the number of reps you do.
  • Don't be afraid to go up in weight with the resistance bands
  • If you're looking for that next level add some weighted gloves

Lastly, if you're doing TapouT XT too keep in mind each person is different and starts this program at a different level.  The results you see with me might be different from the one's your seeing.  There are a lot of factors that come in to play when like diet, how much percentage of body fat you start out with, how well you stuck to the workout plan, workout intensity and genetics. 

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TapouT XT Day 30 Ripped Conditioning

When you start this workout you need to come to terms that your shoulders will be on FIRE.  Ripped Conditioning focuses on arms (bicep and triceps), shoulders, upper back and core to some extent.  The pace for Ripped Conditioning is more anaerobic than a workout like Plyo XT.  This workout is your chance to build upper body definition.  To do that you're going to need to focus a little more on your band selection and tension.

Band Selection and Tension

If you want to get the most out of this workout, you need to pay attention to your resistance band selection and tension.  Here are some tips for getting the most from your resistance bands.

  • If you have a set of resistance bands, take out one or two bands above your current resistance.  Keep those bands as easily accessible as you workout.
  • Different parts of your body will require different resistance.  Choose a heavier band for exercises that focus on your legs, like Power Squats.  You may have to go down a band when the Power Squat changes in to a Over Head Press, that uses your shoulders more.
  • Resistance bands are "heavier" at the extension of an exercise or when the band is stretched out.  Get to that "heavier" weight sooner by shortening the bands.
  • Pin the band with the ball of your foot to keep it from moving when you shorten the resistance band.
  • Position the band under the arch of your foot to easily evenly distribute the weight of the resistance band.  This works good in exercises that have you using a single leg or legs close together.

Ripped Conditioning Exercise that Trains You to be a Ninja?

The Drop Down / Reverse Fly is a single side exercise that has you stand on one leg and do one side of a reverse fly.

Damn Mike I'm not a Ninja!

Don't feel bad if you only get 3 or 4 of these in.  The body mechanics force you to use your legs, core, arms and shoulders.  Let's just say I lost it more than a couple of times.

Drop Down / Reverse Fly

Favorite Ripped Conditioning Exercise

The Standing Tricep Extension on One Leg is just one of the many exercises that will leave you wondering the next day, "Why do my triceps have that beautiful pain?"  Not only does it focus on the tricep but you need to keep your core tight to help you keep balance.

To get the most from this exercise, make sure to keep your elbow close to your ears and not pointing to the side.

Standing Tricep One Leg

Tricep Extension Tip

Do your elbows hurt when you do the tricep extension?  Modify the exercise a little by not going all the way back down when you do the tricep extension.  Try just going to a 90 degree position.  This will alleviate some of the pressure on your elbows.  If you're still experiencing some pain, try a lighter resistance band or substitute a different tricep workout that doesn't hurt.

Keep Your Arms at 90 Degrees
to Make it Easier On Your Elbows

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TapouT XT Road Warrior Test

There are a lot of references to being able to do TapouT XT on the road, business trip, on holiday and anywhere in between, but these are all hypothetical from what I gather.  This last week I had a chance to put TapouT XT to the test on the road.  You'll see the not so conventional workout area, how to setup for watching the videos and a great way to travel with your equipment.

Office Location

The road warrior test came about because I had some field work to do in the rural part of Northern Nevada, and didn't want to put the TapouT XT program on hold.  Let's just say the new office scenery was more beautiful than the normal straw colored walls of the old one.

Side of a Mountain

Floor of a Valley

Unconventional Workout Area

Your workout area is where ever you want it to be.  We stay in crew quarters where the rooms are just a little bigger than the beds, so space is limited.  Since I was sharing the area with 2 other people, It would be rude to take up the TV area for an hour.  What I settled on was the small office floor, a 6 foot by 8 foot area.

Workout Area

Equipment Setup

Watching the Videos

A laptop was used to watch the TapouT XT videos.  If you don't have a program on your computer to watch DVDs, VLC is a great free open source media player that plays almost anything you throw at it.

If a laptop is not an option, you can convert your DVD to a digital format and watch it on your phone, workout MP3 player (like the 16GB Sony Walkman I use) or tablet. Use a program like DVD Cloner to convert the discs you own to digital format.  If your media / MP3 player takes a certain format you can use the free version of Any Video Converter to convert the video.

Workout Equipment

All the TapouT XT equipment fits in the black drawstring bag that the Black Mountain 6 resistance band set comes with.  For me that includes

If you need a bag for your stuff and don't want to spend a lot of money, look in the camping section of your local sports store or Walmart.  To store all the stuff above, you'll need is a bag that is at least 6 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall.

The large bag in this 3 bag camping set would be perfect to hold all your TapouT XT workout equipment.  I've bought this set before and use the smaller bags to keep my toiletries in when I travel.

Adapting to the Area

When you workout in an unfamiliar area you need to be adaptive.

  • You'll probably have to change your orientation when doing TapouT XT exercises that require lateral movement
  • Bring a towel for when doing low plank  or ground moves.  Some times the flooring is inhospitable and you'll need something to keep you from getting burns on your forearms and elbows.
  • Make sure you have enough water.  Hotel rooms usually have small glasses to drink out of.  Plan ahead before your workout.  Ask the front desk if you can have a larger glass or pick up a bottled water (24 or 32 oz).
  • Don't be afraid to temporarily move some furniture around to create your workout area.
TapouT XT passed the road warrior test with flying colors.  Keep these couple things in mind and you'll be a TapouT XT Road Warrior conquering any post apocalyptic hotel room. 
  • keep an open mind for your workout area
  • be flexible when it comes to how you watch and follow the workout
  • organize your workout equipment for easy transport
  • do a little planning ahead when adapting to the workout area

TapouT XT Week 4 Recap

Week 4 introduces you to two additional workouts, Buns & Guns and Muay Thai.  For me, it was a chance to test TapouT XT on the road in a place you might not think of as a normal workout area.  You get to use the loop band in the  Favorite Exercise of the Week.  Lastly, there's a some help for you if you over ate like me for Father's Day.

Buns & Guns Workout

Buns & Guns is one of those sneaky workouts that hit all those hip and glute muscles that most of us neglect.  The bicep and tricep workout is pretty good too.

Those loop band exercises will put the hurt on you, especially if you're not use to doing a lot of exercises with them.

Wrapping the resistance bands around your feet can be time consuming sometimes.  Don't be afraid to pause the video while you get the resistance bands in place for exercises like the Glute Bridge Curl.

Muay Thai

Understanding Muay Thai's philosophy of the "Art of Eight Limbs" makes you realize why Mike chose the exercises he did in the TapouT XT Muay Thai workout.  Hopefully you have more coordination than I do and can do the Jump Switch moves without looking like a jester.

Jump Switch Exercise

Keep these couple of things in mind to make the most of the Killer Move: 4x 4x 4x 4x.

  • Twist your torso into to the knee strike to maximize your core activation
  • Rotate in to the punch for the squat upper
  • Keep your hands in fight position in the push kick
  • Rotate in to the squat elbow similar to the squat upper

TapouT XT on the Road

I had a chance to try TapouT XT on the road when I did had some work to do in Northern Nevada during Week 4.  Let's just say my workout area was a bit unconventional, but I did Buns & Guns, Muay Thai, Yoga XT and Brawl & Sprawl.

Workout Area on the Road

TapouT XT did great even in this small office space.  The occasion came up when I had another coworker want to do two of the workouts with me.  We just moved to a little bigger space, surprisingly not much bigger though.

Favorite Exercise of the Week

An exercise in Buns & Guns wins this week.  The Knee Strikes with the loop band are ruthless on your hip flexors and abs.  Focus on the form on these over number of repetitions.  Make sure to bring your knee at least waist high.

Knee Strike with Loop Bands

Recovering from Father's Day

Holidays, even ones like Father's Day can be taxing on the diet.  When someone makes you a meal or has plans to take you out for a meal, you don't want to say, "Sorry, I can't eat that because I'm on the TapouT XT diet."  Some things you can do for the next celebration are.

  • Keep your family and friends in the loop about you doing the TapouT XT program.  If they know ahead of time they will be supportive of what you're trying to do.
  • If you can pick where you want to go for a restaurant, this lets you control things a little more for menu items.  Here are 10 tips for eating out while on a diet.

I know how hard it is to not go back to what your parents said about not wasting food and eat everything on your plate.  Even if you end up succumbing to the food, all you can do is try and use some of the tips above and get back on the TapouT XT diet the next day.  

If you feel like you need a little more clean eating to make up for the day before or ever wondered about the Clean Eating lifestyle, Jess over at Will Run for Food has a good article on why you should consider Clean Eating and ditch those cleanse diets

Next Week

Week 5 has the 30 day picture and recap, Ripped Conditioning, along with some other articles I couldn't finish while I was working in Northern Nevada.

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TapouT XT Review Day 24 Muay Thai

Preparing for a Muay Thai Fight
The Muay Thai workout follows the philosophy of the "Art of Eight Limbs" because of its focus on the use of punch, kick, elbow and knee strikes.  Your coordination will be tested with the three and four move combinations, let's say I failed a bunch of times.

Muay Thai Origins

"Muay Thai evolved from the older Muay Boran (ancient boxing), an unarmed combat method which would have been used by Siamese soldiers after losing their weapons in battle."

"Muay Boran, and therefore Muay Thai, was originally called dhoi muay or simply muay. As well as being a practical fighting technique for use in actual warfare, muay became a sport in which the opponents fought in front of spectators who went to watch for entertainment. These muay contests gradually became an integral part of local festivals and celebrations, especially those held at temples. Eventually, the previously bare-fisted fighters started wearing lengths of hemp rope around their hands and forearms. This type of match was called muay khat chueak."(1)

Move that Challenges Your Coordination

The move that you might get hung up on is the Jump Switch combinations, like the Knee Strike / Jump Switch.  It doesn't seem like a complicated move.  You do a knee strike, replace the knee leg back then do a jump switch.

Part of my problem may be that I'm used to the Krav Maga philosophy of moving forward through your attacker.  Of course, I could be just making up an excuse for my lack of coordination.

Knee Strike

Replace Your Leg Back

Jump Switch

Favorite Muay Thai Exercise

The favorite tidbit of pain is the Muay Thai Killer Move: 4x 4x 4x 4x.  This is 4 knee strikes, 4 squat uppers, 4 push kicks and 4 squat elbows.  When you do this you're already tired, but now is the time to dig deep and go out strong!  Make sure you make the most of this exercise

  • Twist your torso into to the knee strike to maximize your core activation
  • Rotate in to the punch for the squat upper
  • Keep your hands in fight position in the push kick
  • Rotate in to the squat elbow similar to the squat upper

4 Knee Strikes (Twist Your Torso)

4 Squat Uppers (Rotate in to the Punch)

4 Push Kicks (Keep Hands in Fight Position)

4 Squat Elbows (Rotate in to the Elbow)

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(1) Muay Thai history from the wikipedia entry on Muay Thai

TapouT XT Review Day 23: Buns & Guns

Great thing about TapouT XT Buns & Guns workout is it forces you to have a balanced workout. You will definitely work all your hip, glute and arm muscles in this 30 minute workout.  All those small muscles you never work in your lower body will be in glorious pain.  Afterwards is the Ultimate Abs workout.

Anterior Hip Muscles

Favorite Buns & Guns Exercise

Sumo Squat Curl wins out so far for the Favorite Exercise.  Put the resistance bands on your feet, grab the opposite band, get down in to a squat position, do a single arm curl.  The movement of the Sumo Squat Curl  focuses on the outside portion of the bicep.

Showing the 2 Muscles that make up the Bicep

Sumo Squat Curl

You might have to adjust the tension on your resistance band by either

  • Going into a wider squat
  • Wrapping the band around your feet
  • Switching to a heavier band

Workout Notes

Wrapping the resistance band around one of your feet and keeping an even resistance is difficult at first.  I missed 10 seconds of the Glute Bridge Curl because of the time spent looping the band around one foot for the first time.

Glute Bridge Curl

"You want guns like these?"
"Um.. yes, I do."

"You want buns like those?"
"Well, I never really thought about it, but yeah that would be cool."

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