What to Expect from TapouT XT

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What to Expect from TapouT XT

I'm not going to talk like an infomercial and tout this exercise program as the cure for everything that you see wrong with yourself.  Just by looking over the videos and information that comes with it here are some things I feel you can realistically get from doing the program.

  • You will probably lose some weight.  Your weight loss is really dependent on diet.  Don't be fooled by special cases, this applies to all workout programs.  You need to have realistic goals for weight loss.  I recommend that you look at the meal plan as a chance to realize how you eat now and incorporate things like eat smaller meals more often and understand how many calories there are in the foods you eat.
  • You will get tone and increase your lean muscle, but not put on a lot of muscle mass you would traditionally get from doing heavy weight and low reps in a gym.  This program relies on body weight,  resistance bands and a combination of aerobic type of exercise.
  • TapouT XT will be challenging, even if you've done other programs, and incorporates a lot of punching and some modified ground fighting moves.
Here is something you won't get from TapouT XT.
  • The body of a model.  There are a few cases out there that will be the exception, but even then once you stop working out 6 times a week and go off a strict calorie counting regime you're bound to gain a little weight back. I know this because a year and a half ago I did Insanity and gained back some weight after I stopped strictly following the program. Again, realistic goals.

Set a Reachable and Measurable Goal

WebMD has a great quick article on planning, setting and achieving weight loss goals.  Some of the things they talk about are

  • Resolve to lose weight slowly
  • Set short term goals
  • Track your progress
  • Thinking about long term goals

Weight Loss

People are different in the way they lose weight.  It may seem that one person may lose weight easily while others struggle.  If you get a chance read this informative article by the Mayo Clinic to help you understand metabolism and weight loss.  What it comes down to is there is no magic bullet for weight loss.  It all comes down to diet and physical activity.

I start the program today!  Check back to see what TapouT XT is really about.  

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