TapouT XT Review - Day 10 Progress

TapouT XT Day 10 Review

How much can you actually change in 10 days?  It's not about losing a pound a day.  Each person is different, and loses weight differently.  It's about measuring progress.  When you see my day 1 and day 10 comparison below, you'll see the changes are minimal.

Six Great Things About TapouT XT So Far

  1. The only equipment is resistance bands.  This makes the program portable if you're going on a trip or have limited space.  Also, buying a bunch of equipment to do a exercise program you paid over $100 for is coming close to paying for a year's gym membership.
  2. Variety. There is a good amount of variety during the workout and the number of workouts.  Looking ahead in the weeks to come, the mix of types of workouts during the week is refreshing.
  3. Thank you Mike for not being annoying.  Your level of enthusiasm is enough to keep me going, but not annoying.
  4. The workouts don't leave you feeling ravenous.  When finishing a TapouT XT workout you feel some sore muscles and a little exhausted from the Killer Move at the end.  You feel like you finished a good workout.  There are some workout programs that when you're done you feel like you barely survived and you need to eat immediately to fight the exhaustion.
  5. You don't need a lot of space.  My workout area is 8 feet by 6 feet and I have no problems with lack of space to do the exercises.  I'm not saying I'm doing these exercises with any grace, just there is enough room .
  6. The Killer Move at the end of the workouts.  There is one last move at the end of each workout called the Killer Move.  The idea is to make you push yourself as hard as you can for a minute at the end.  This is more of a will power exercise because you're already tired.

Day 1 and Day 10 Comparison

Day 1

Day 10
Day 1 and day 10 may look the same but I went from 159 lbs to 157 lbs, a less than 2% body weight change.  The hardest thing for me is to stay on the diet plan.  There are so many opportunities to go to lunch with coworkers, have that drink, eat that birthday cake.

Goal for the Next 10 Days

I want to be able to go through the entire Strength and Force Upper workout without having to rest on the shoulder portions of the workout.  It's going to be hard and will most likely come down to the will power to keep moving.

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