TapouT XT Day 8 Competition Core

What is great about TapouT XT is that its the start of a new week of working out and you're not doing Day 1's workout.  So far I've really enjoyed the variety of workouts.  Competition Core incorporates a lot of exercises that have you doing the knee motion, either standing or in plank position.

Awkward Exercise

I found the Sledgehammer a little weird to do.  When bending over, the band would slip off my back to one side.  At least I'm not alone, I saw a bunch of the people on the video having issues too.


Favorite Competition Core Exercise

Side Burpee Punch is the winner this week.  Side burpees are great by themselves, but to add the punch forces you to maintain your balance to give you that extra little bit of core pain.

Start with a Side Burpee

Two more days and I'll post my Day 10 photos.


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