TapouT XT Day 6 Sprawl and Brawl

You probably started or are wondering about this program because, like me, you want a good workout that incorporates some fighting moves.  Almost every exercise in the Sprawl and Brawl workout incorporates some type or combination of punching, kicking, knee, elbow strike.

There are even some basic self defense / fighting combos like the Jab / Cross / Knee.  You start out in a fighting stance, throw a jab then a cross punch and knee with your back leg.



The only exercise you might find a little awkward was the incorporation of the side lunge in the 3D Lunge Knee Strike.  This is especially true if your not coordinated like me.

Favorite Sprawl and Brawl Exercise

You do the Fighter Burpee Knee Strike earlier on in the Sprawl and Brawl workout. The Fighter Burpee Knee Strike is an explosive move that pretty much incorporates all major muscle groups.  You start with two knee strikes, explode up into fight stance and then do a jab and cross.

First Knee Strike

Second Knee Strike

Explode Up to Fight Stance

Jab / Cross

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You can do this workout program.  You don't need to be in a certain shape or a fighter.

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