TapouT XT Day 5 Legs and Back

Legs and Back incorporate a lot of exercises you've done already using resistance bands on your feet to make it harder to do the leg movements.  Here are a couple things to think of when doing the exercises.

Engage Your Abs

When you do these lower body exercises make sure to support your back by engaging your abs otherwise known as keeping your core tight.  How do you do this?

This is an excerpt from a forum posting that does the best job I've seen explaining this concept,

"I teach Pilates, and keeping the core tight is what we focus on in class ALL THE TIME. If you can keep your core contracted throughout every exercise you do, you'll be working your abs 24/7. You should feel as if you're pulling your belly button back and into your spine...but don't hunch, roll or suck the shoulders down. Your shoulders won't move at all. It's almost the feeling as if someone was to poke you in your belly button to push it back...you want the contraction low.

Practice this: put one hand flat on your stomach above your belly button and one hand flat on your stomach below your belly button. The contraction will happen in btw your hands. Now take a deep breath in through your nose. When you exhale, pull your belly button back to your spine without involving your shoulders or sucking in...you're exhaling here. As you exhale and pull your abs in (belly button back) your stomach should separate from your hands and actually pull away/back from your hands. Don't move your hands...keep them in the same position they were...resting on your abs. But when you exhale and contract, the contraction should pull the abdominals away from the hands.

Practice this a few times and then try holding the contraction while you take an inhale while keeping the abs tight."

Don't Be Afraid to Change the Resistance Band

The movements you do should be a little hard to do.  By making it harder you're only helping yourself.  The idea is not to easily get through these exercises.

You need to challenge yourself.  You're the only one who can make the changes you want to see.

Favorite Legs and Back Exercise

The XT Tire Flip is a really cool explosive move that works your
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Shoulders
You start standing on the resistance bands in a squat position with palms facing forward then stand up fast, throwing your hands above your head.  The correct tension will be hard to finish the move at the top without hindering the complete movement.

Start in a Squat Position

Explode Up With Your Hands Above Your Head

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