TapouT XT Day 3 Plyo

Plyometrics, also known as “plyo” is a type of exercise designed to produce fast and powerful movements.  Most workout programs try to incorporate some type of plyometrics and TapouT XT is no different.

Before You Start

You might want to warm up your hips more than what he does in the video.  Here is a pretty good resource for a couple of hip flexor stretches. I just did the warm up and the Plank Step Ins at the beginning of the workout were killing my hips.  I had to pause and stretch my hip flexors a little more.

Workout Review

This plyo workout is a really good one to start out with if you're getting back into working out or you're looking for "not so many crazy ass jumps."  I've done some plyo workouts, like Phase 2 Insanity, and sometimes you feel like screaming to summon the ancestors just to finish.

Favorite TapouT XT Plyo Exercise

The Low Squat Elbow or Punch is a great way to incorporate plyometrics with the low squat jump,and working your core with the 2 elbows or punch combo.

Low Squat Jump

2 Punch or Elbow Combo at the Bottom

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