TapouT XT Day 2 Strength Force Upper Body and Ultimate Abs Workout

Strength Force Upper Body Workout

Just like what the name says, Strength Force Upper is about building upper body strength and endurance.  The muscles that you focus on during the 55 minute workout are

  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Some back
This workout really leaves you with some sore shoulders with the amount of push ups and shoulder band work you do.

Favorite Exercise for the Strength Force Upper Workout

The push-up upper elbow strike forces you to keep your core tight to keep your balance with an explosive upper elbow strike.  You do both sides in one set one after the other.
Start with a Push-Up

Do a Upper Elbow Strike at the Top

Ultimate Abs

Ultimate Abs is a 15 minute continuous ab workout.  There is a little bit of lower back emphasis in the form of bridging.  A lot of the workout is a variation of crunches.

Favorite Exercise for Ultimate Abs

The Crunch Elbow is a combination of doing a crunch with 2 elbow strikes on the way to the top and 2 elbow strikes on the way back down.

First Elbow Strike on the Way Up
Second Elbow Strike on the Way Up

First Elbow Strike on the Way Down

Second Elbow Strike on the Way Down


  1. This was a killer workout. My shoulders were on fire. Thanks for posting. Keeps me informed on what to expect. I'm a couple days behind you so it's been nice the last couple days to read your take on the workouts before I get started.

  2. Glad it helps. I liked this workout a lot.

  3. Just did this today. It really blasted my deltoids, triceps, and lats. My arms have been sore (a good sore) all day. And I'm afraid my abs could be really sore when I wake up tomorrow. But pain is just weakness leaving the body, right?

    1. If that's true then weakness is still leaving me after yesterday's workout. I went up in resistance bands in this workout yesterday. Shoulders still hurt :D