100 Calorie Sandwich Bread

When you first start looking at what your eating and how many calories you consume, you quickly learn that your old sandwich usually started out with 200 - 300 calories in bread. Now, that bread would account for a large majority if not all of the calories you have for a meal / snack.

 Luckily about 2 years back bread companies, like Oroweat, started making whole grain sandwich thins.  These are the same diameter of a hamburger bun but only about the thickness of a slice of bread.  Being only 100 calories each they are great for sandwiches, mini pizzas and burgers.

Oroweat Sandwich Thin Panini

Looking for More Recipes? 

There are some really delicious free recipes with nutritional breakdowns using the sandwich thins at Oroweat that range in calories from under 200 - 550 calories.  Recipes like

  • Blackened Salmon Chicken - 333 calories
  • Egg and Prosciutto Sandwich - 310 calories
  • Orchard Grilled Cheese - 259 calories
  • Mini's Margherita Pizza - 159 calories

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